Chemistry Reflection

During this project we learned how to use certain techniques and skills to separate the components of the mixture. We first created a flow chart to give an idea of which components the separation techniques will separate.  We used  hand separation, skimming, filtration, magnetic separation and evaporation. Our mixture was made up of, iron filings, salt, water, plastic, oil and sand. Some components were easy to separate like plastic. But, some components were significantly harder to separate like sand and oil. We made use of prior knowledge and skills. One skill that we made use of was physical and chemical properties. This allowed us to know which and how to separate the components. The density of certain objects also allowed us to know what to do first and what to do last. There was some techniques in the project that was more sophisticated and more efficient. While, some techniques were simple and took a lot of time. This allowed us to get a better understanding of how to separate oil spills in the future. Oil spills are important to know how to separate as they are very damaging to people and the environment.

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Project Genesis Audio and Reflection

This is my mashup using 4 different songs, all around 100 tempo.\

Explain the step by step process of this assignment… *

The first step for this assignment was to choose which direction you wanted your song to be. It could have been either a mashup or playing an instrument. Next, in my case I had to choose 4 or more different songs for the assignment. Then, we had to convert all these songs and put them in garageband. After that, matching the tempo independently and with all the songs combined is required. Using one of the songs as a beat was my step after as it helps my song to get a rhythm. I used one of the other songs as my main song and cut other songs and placed them throughout the song. I didn’t use plugins for this assignment because when I tried it didn’t sound right.


Assess your success against your must haves and desirable qualities from your proposal… *
My success was okay as I followed most of my must haves and some of my desirable qualities. I didn’t use plugins in which if I knew how to use could have made my song more effective. In my last project I used plugins which made my song sound more professional. I did has a slight fast transition which helped more to connect the piece and not sound out of beat. Overall, I had some success, but if I put more effort I could have gotten a better result. I had many challenges that should have been fixed earlier but I did it while doing the actual mashup.


Evaluate your learning and new skills acquired. *
The amount I learned this rotation was significantly better than what I first anticipated. I learned new skills such as plugins which is a major part of modern day music. It helps to distort music to create better sounds. Another important skill I learned is using loops. Loops are small bits of sound that can create mixed emotions for the listener. They are extremely helpful when transitioning from song to song in this assignment. The final major skill I learned is using tempo to change how fast a song can be. In this case I used it to make all songs have the same pace.


What challenges did you face and overcome. *
I faced many challenges during this assignment. One of the major challenges I faced during this assignment is choosing the right songs. It was hard because I didn’t want the songs to be too old or new. I also didn’t want the songs to be too far of a tempo so that when the tempo is changed overall it dosen’t sound weird. Another challenge I faced during this assignment is using small bits of the songs. It was difficult as the songs, in my opinion did not sound good if the part was too small. I overcame choosing the songs by thinking about songs that I know that have slow tempo and somewhat popular. I honestly didn’t make it past the small bits part, but instead just ignoring it.




Digital Lantern Project

Respecting the Chinese culture and creating a lantern is important for the Chinese new year. It communicates tradition and values because it uses the Chinese language and animals that symbolise positive traits for certain people. Handmade products generally take more effort to create but can lower the environmental problems. When mastering creating handmade products it can look similar to products with machines. Using Chinese translations and animals help create a design that is specific to a person.

Chinese new year is a celebration that is special to many people and can represent a lot. My product included Chinese translations that meant calm and peaceful inside a and yang. This also relates to my dad because he likes to meditate and always tries to be calm. It is very personal to my dad and his relationship to the Chinese new year.

We used many different techniques to help create our product. One of them was soldering which includes using wires and flux to work the LED. Then, is painting which helps make the base look better and can mean something to someone. The final main way is creating a design through illustrator using an outline, images, and translations to create a nice looking product for the lantern.