05 Sounds of CDNIS Final Submission

This is my final submission of my sounds of CDNIS, it is 2:38 long.

Describe the process of this assignment. *
The process of this assignment is first thinking about the most effective sounds for the song. You have to go outside and around the school and testing the sounds you thought was a good idea, like getting a tissue from a tissue box. Then, you have to look for a teacher that will fit the sound you want to make. A screencast will after have to be made to describe the sounds you found (original) and the sounds with plugins using Garageband. For the screencast Loops, drummers, and software instruments will also be needed. Combining the sounds from all these different categories will be used to create the song for the summative which has to be 2:30+ long. Finally, when you are done doing the song for the summative, you will have to do a reflection of the product.


Discuss your CDNIS sounds and how useful they were for your end product. *
The first sound I came up with was me or one of my friends dribbling a basketball. This was generally one of my more effective sounds. It posed as a very unique beat that makes the song sound interesting throughout the whole piece. The next sound I managed to come up with was the macbook error sound. In my opinion, this was my most useless sound as it is very quiet even though I increased the volume a lot. It is not unique at all, so it in ways makes the piece sound more plain. Then, I found a sound where I was getting tissues from a tissue box. It is very fast paced so it can make the song more entertaining. The main problem is that is way too short, making it slightly worse than the basketball sound. After that, I found a sound of me flicking a harder version of paper closer towards plastic. It had a very pleasant sounding ring which why I used it in my beat making it quite useful. It helped give some variation to my main beat which was the basketball. Finally, in this assignment I had to get a teacher sound. I wanted a good introduction to my song and my friend wanted the same thing. We went and asked a teacher to say “welcome back to school”. It sounds somewhat boring when no plugins are added. When there was some plugins it sounded like it will help progress the song when the song is starting. In this case, it was extremely useful and made my song more interesting.


Evaluate your learning and new skills acquired. *
While doing the assignment the main skill that would be the most useful when producing music is plugins. It in ways distorts the sounds so they sound more smooth and more interesting. For example, the bit crusher makes the sounds have a lower pitch. Plugins work in the users favour as it helps turn the song in their liking. Another skill I learned was creating screencast using different application. In this case, I used Garageband to talk about the sounds being used. It is very effective to discuss something visual on a computer. An okay skill that I learned is using every day sounds. For my piece, the sounds of CDNIS was a big part of the piece and when plugins is used, the everyday sounds is more professional. I also learned the skill to use software instruments without any given notes. In my piece, I used it as a transition for one of the pianos I was using. For the other piano, I gave it a more interesting ending and this is what allowed me to learn the skill.


What challenges did you face and overcome? *
The main challenge I faced in this assignment was finding four different sounds that would each have a different effect. I felt like at that time, it was quite confusing to me where I should go in the school to get my sounds. Also, I didn’t know which sounds should act more of a beat and more of a sound more towards the middle of the song. To fix this issue I chose two sounds that sound more of a beat and the rest somewhere in the piece. The other main challenge I faced was getting my song to 2:30+. In my opinion, I felt like I was adding too many of the same sounds to help make my song 2:30+. This made my song significantly more repetitive and made my sounds of CDNIS less effective. To fix this problem, I only had one option which was to add more loops. So, I added two extra loops which would last long enough past 2:30.

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