Deisgn Through the Lens Reflection

In this project we learned about a specific part about CDNIS. For us we learned about the arts of holidays. Holidays are a very important of CDNIS, without holidays we won’t have any breaks from work. There are times where we don’t know when holidays and why they are they. This is why we created a video to address this information.

The limitations of our final product was the narration that didn’t make sense at some parts. For example when we were describing a picture it would not really relate which would make it confusing. The music should have been more quiet so the narration can be more loud and easier to hear. Another limitation was some missing holidays. One of them was the summer holidays which should have been at the end.

The narration could have louder volume talking by talking louder through quicktime player. We could double check the video to make sure they relate and the pictures match at the right time to make the video seem more well done. This would make the video more professional and easier to understand the story. The story can be more planned out and more scenes added so there is more detail. That is what was also lacking.

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