Ecology Grade 7 Reflection

Ecosystems are important for the world and us as humans. These species in ecosystems overall in a way work together to keep everything in place. Once one species is extinct, the whole ecosystem can get affected. Once climate or weather affects the ecosystem species will start to be endangered as they can’t adapt to it. I also learned about how biodiversity helps us in some way I didn’t know of. For example, biodiversity can help us with food so that we can survive. Humans on the other hand are supposed to be helping but instead damaging biodiversity. Cutting trees, using pesticides and more are all reasons why in lots of ecosystems around the world there is a decline in biodiversity.

I worked on many projects during this unit. One of them was a poster of an ecosystem. The ecosystem that I researched was the Daintree Rainforest. I went online and I looked for sources to get information out of. This is a popular tourist attraction for people who like nature. Thus, variety of sources with tons of insight. This is same for the presentation I did acid rain with someone. It was a fun project and you can learn a lot. Like from the formula to the impacts. The strategies I used to prepare for the quiz was to go on classroom. From there I went to a google doc with a biodiversity vocabulary sheet. I just kept on practicing from there till I got the hang of the words.

I communicated with the grade 4s by learning what they like and how to make our activities fun for them. We had many activities so as a group we decided to do 2 activities the same and 1 different depending on the group. We collaborated well with deciding roles and allowing people to do what is most effective to finish making our activities. We were effective in most ways by letting the grade 4s feel good and relaxed about kahoot. Then we did a presentation to teach them the answers from kahoot. Next, we either did a crossword puzzle activity and matching activity. We gave candies to the winners allowing for the children to be happy and try their best. The only main problem I had is it wasn’t as competitive as the other groups did for their activities. This caused for some students not to care as much. This unit was decent with its projects but can be better with experiments.

Music Criteria Di, Dii All The Small Things

Identify connections between art forms, art and context, or art and prior learning.
Recognise that the world contains inspiration or influence for art.
What was the inspiration for this song choice? *
I wanted to do a song piece that was somewhat old and on of the more popular songs at that time. I wanted to choose something that was not too hard but not too easy. I really enjoy the tone and pitch of the song. It is more energetic and exciting which I really enjoy about it. The main reason I chose this song because it was in the song book. When I found it in the song book I knew it was a reliable and very good song. I needed a pace that was not too fast which also made this song of my best options in the song book.
How did your music classes as well as your previous music session and assignment prepare you for this assignment? *
I felt very prepared in garageband and the task I had to complete. The only part where I didn’t feel too prepared with is using the digital instrument to make the piece sound better. It felt tough in some parts. The first music session I felt I was just learning the basics so I could play the more easier songs. It teached me a lot  in terms of what is needed to play the ukulele effectively. The second session it felt more in-depth with the ukulele and helped me play those harder songs. Overall, I learned a lot in my first session and somewhat of the second session which helped me to feel mostly prepared for this summative.

Unite 2 – Portrait de famile
Global Context : Identities and Relationships
Statement Inquiry : Our family and the people around us contribute to our own individual indentity

Criteria C and D

Communication : Present orally and visually a description of my family

Organization : Balance each slide with information and photos

Time Management : Manage time and meet deadline

Being Resourceful : Using resources in order to be successfull

Music Criteria Bi, Bii Session 2

 Theme from “Symphony No. 1”


i. demonstrate the acquisition and development of the skills and techniques of the art form studied



ii. demonstrate the application of skills and techniques to create, perform and/or present art.


Grade yourself here! *
Note Accuracy
Rhythm Accuracy


Performance Skills – Woodwind and Brass

Articulation Precision
Tone Quality


Dynamics *


Now respond to these statements…


I have developed the skills required to perform this music successfully over music this year. Explain…*
Over the year I have learned many new skills and developed with them. It made me have different approaches to play the variety of music pieces along the way. A skill I learned and is in development is playing slurs. This helps with connecting notes and making it sound more pleasant. I have developed the skills in this piece by showing how I connected the notes and played with calmness. In the piece I tried to hold the notes for shorter allowing me to somewhat match with the tempo.


I demonstrated the application of skills to create a successful piece of music. This is as good as I can get it! Explain… *
I did demonstrate the skills to create a strong piece of music. Over session 2 I have been practicing these skills in the future for the summative. I made sure that I had the right fingering and played the right notes to sound nice. In the piece I showed the skills by playing with notes mostly played for the right amount of beats and a good connection between the notes. The tone quality was also good with the energetic sound. The intonation was decent with a great high pitch and some parts that are okay having low sound.

Robotics The Rockhopper-inator

During the week we created a makeblock robot. It took a lot of time to create it. When we were building the robot we faced some problems. One of them was the wheel placement. We were trying to put the wheels inside the robot but the robots were interfering so we put it diagonal to each other. Another problem we faced after creating the robot is the balance. So one group member decided to put skis which actually worked very well. Overall this was a very fun experience and I learned how to use nuts and bolts to create a robot. Controlling the robot was enjoying and looking at it move makes me feel accomplished. There will be time to dismantle the robot. 🙁