Strengths and Weaknesses of Ifolio


  • Many media/images to show what I do
  • My welcome page is decent showing what I am about
  • The information in my posts is above adequate making people understand what I really want to say
  • Choice of colours is nice
  • I used most design elements in my  great Ifolio


  •  tag cloud was only named “Subjects” which could be misleading because not all tags are subjects
  • The formatting with the posts can be improved
  • Site is a little empty and lacking content
  • Posts aren’t that memorable
  • There is no “Home” button to go back


Generally, my Ifolio is good but can be better. A huge part of my plan is to add more widgets or to add things from online to make it less boring and more engaging. Adding a home button will also be good to make it better for people visiting my site. I should really double check my post before I publish it so then I can fix formatting issues and small grammar mistakes. I should make my tag cloud easier to understand by making it a wider range. For example, instead of “Subjects”, I can make it to “Subjects and Topics”. Fixing these problems will help me as people will know what I clearly was doing in school.


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