Strengths and Weaknesses of Ifolio


  • Many media/images to show what I do
  • My welcome page is decent showing what I am about
  • The information in my posts is above adequate making people understand what I really want to say
  • Choice of colours is nice
  • I used most design elements in my  great Ifolio


  •  tag cloud was only named “Subjects” which could be misleading because not all tags are subjects
  • The formatting with the posts can be improved
  • Site is a little empty and lacking content
  • Posts aren’t that memorable
  • There is no “Home” button to go back


Generally, my Ifolio is good but can be better. A huge part of my plan is to add more widgets or to add things from online to make it less boring and more engaging. Adding a home button will also be good to make it better for people visiting my site. I should really double check my post before I publish it so then I can fix formatting issues and small grammar mistakes. I should make my tag cloud easier to understand by making it a wider range. For example, instead of “Subjects”, I can make it to “Subjects and Topics”. Fixing these problems will help me as people will know what I clearly was doing in school.


Bear App Design

This bear app shows which are bears and which not. The app I am creating is not finished but almost done. It takes skills from previous apps and effort from previous apps. The process is simpler though. At first, we had to create a plan to know what we were doing on the actual app. Secondly, you create the app according to your plan.

English Short Story Unit

The english short story was a very interesting unit. This unit showed me possibilities and opportunities. For example, a person stuck in war dealing with issues and trying to help his family.

If I had to choose any short story it would have to be metamorphosis. This story had great content of how a child turns into an insect. This amazing story talks about how he deals with problems of being an insect. Eventually, leading to his father by accident killing him.

The big challenge was creating a significant plot. With so limited words problems because small issues. The only time where you can spend a lot of words in is the main conflict which needs lots of words to be good. Another major problem I had is revealing character. I used it but it wasn’t that effective so the two characters didn’t have much going for them.

I learned that many things can happen even if it is unexpected or won’t happen. I also learned how to use Freytag’s pyramid to create a story that really gets the viewers engaged in the story.

Yes, it changes how I see life. Like in the metamorphosis it shows what can happen. Even though it is not realistic horrific things can happen. This made me change how I think of people, societies and communities

Science Cardboard Reflection


My goal was to create a chair comfortable with a shelf equipped somewhere on the side to put books and laptops. Also, my other goal was for this chair to be put in the library so reader can enjoy their books and put in on the shelf when they are not using it. This was my goal because I think chairs overall can be improved and be more useful. Throughout me working I slowly was working trough each problem. During the time when I was on test number 2 to 3 I created a goal to myself. This was to try to consume less time in the final structure. This is why the desk with the chair wasn’t going to be the best idea. When I was working on my final structure I started off slow but I went faster and faster saving more and more time.

How did I use Science

I learned that you should make easier structures better than making harder structures worse. My original plan was to create a chair with a desk but the desk would be too hard to incorporate inside the chair. I eventually changed it to shelf and chair

I experimented with changing the independent variable. From the number of corrugation pieces to the thickness of it. I tested out the weight to see if the paper can hold about 1 kilogram. I kept on trying to put more corrugation and finally I put the right number so it was able to hold about 1 kilogram so for the final structure when I actually create with cardboard the seat can hold people.

I used the results with Justin’s. We exchanged ideas leading up to the shelf and chair idea. Building this was not too hard for us and it is good that it is not too complication. In my opinion there was limited time so for it to be so complicated would be a big struggle.


I improved in many ways as a learner.

Throughout the whole process I have identified quite a few problems. Every new test prototype I fixed the problem but there were still more left. For example, in test #2 the corrugation wasn’t that good. So for test #3 I   focused more on corrugation so it became better.             

I have also gone through different problems like deciding what will go well with a chair. It was either going to be a shelf or desk. My partner and I went through many discussions and came up that a shelf would be significantly better.

Another way I improved taking ideas and thinking about them and how it could work in your structure. When we were doing rotations during science class, there was a rotation where you had to look at the link. I pressed on it and it showed me famous people designs of structures. One of them amazed me so much I took the idea of adding something onto a chair which overall improved the function of the chair.

As I partially said before, throughout this whole project I started working more efficiently because of limited time. To be honest, I didn’t have a system of managing my time so I just speeded up my pace to be able to finish my cardboard structure.