Criteria Ai, Aiii, Ci

These are the responses to the questions:

Demonstrate awareness of the art form studied, including the use of appropriate language.
Demonstrate awareness of the links between the knowledge acquired and artwork created.
Identify an artistic intention.
Through the process of learning Ukulele skills and working through Garageband I learned musical terms/definitions. Discuss. *
From learning ukulele skills I learned that playing the strumming is just as important as playing the melody. Combined produces a better sound for the song making it appealing to the ears. In GarageBand I learned tempo. Tempo is the pace of how you want to play the song. Like 120 compared to 80 is more fast  paced.
How were your decisions on your final arrangement informed by the formative unit work? *
In my formative unit work I eventually figured out how the melody and strumming are better together. So for my final arrangements, for my song I tried to make sure that my strumming and the melody were in sync for an improved sound.
Music is communication, music is compromise, music requires discipline, music means collaboration. Discuss in relation to your work. *
In my work I learned that “2 hands are better than 1”. By this I mean that when playing music it is so important to collaborate because you can always help each other out to become better musicians. As a musician you need to stay focused and do whatever is asked because one wrong move can mess up the song. Music is compromising because you need to compromise with other people and make sure you are focusing on the same thing or else the song won’t come out right.
I had a strong artistic direction for my final musical audio recording. Discuss. *
I played at a nice tempo that is pleasant. I played the chords until it was very good. I made sure the strumming and the melody were amazing so it will sound really good together. I produced it with quality overall. I did many tests to ensure the way the song was played is outstanding.
I enjoyed this unit very much. My favourite parts were…
Practicing the ukulele with my friends and learning more about the ukulele and the huge lists of different chords for the different songs.
I did not enjoy this unit. The elements that contributed to my lack of enjoyment were…
It was a little bit restricted of what you can play. For example, the songs.
After completing this unit I think that there could be improvements. I feel…
Next time you should separate how good people are at playing the ukulele and give them songs accordingly. This is because some people struggled more on the songs than others.

Real World Application

We can apply how we learned to use google maps and google earth in one lesson so whenever we want to find a location or a destination when you are driving you can get there. Also, we can use maps not on technology using coordinates to track locations down making it much more efficient. Tracking down locations will be efficient because when you need to use a location anywhere in the world on a map you can find it. We learned to use Atlas’s so now we can look for cities, countries, continents, oceans all in the Atlas. This will be helpful because we can find a big range of places.

My brand logo


In my logo I have applied many different design principles. One of them is typography I used it to make effort stand out and give them an understanding to my logo. Another one is the phycology of shapes. I used triangles and circles to make my logo better. I used green, black and white so it contrasts to improve the logo. I used C.A.R.P by adding contrast colours I aligned some parts, the mountains were repeated and proximity to space one mountain from the other.

My Amazing Utopian Community

My utopian community will seem outstanding with its colourful colours and the way people in the community do and how the community runs. It will be the size of around Toronto, not too big not too small. In my world there not too many people are bad. There are jobs but you don’t have to work for too many hours.  People will just be enjoying their life with other people by going to parties or each others houses. Food will be in stores and provided by people who like being in the food department.

There is a government in this community though but everyone is very selfless so that is why many things are free. There are law enforcers and a senate. This is to pass laws to the president. There are three courts one major and two minor. Whenever someone does something bad they go to the court and the court decides their punishment. There are some more severe punishments for laws like “any sort of violence will not be tolerated” or “Robbery will cause jail time”.

Great education will be free in this community allowing children to strive even if they don’t have too much money to. There are 3 curriculums to choose from, easy, medium and hard and all curriculum will be delivered efficiently. Subjects are based on interests and you can choose subjects based on what you prefer. This will help because when the kids get older they can enjoy their job and work with a good attitude and at the same time help the community. There will be 5 gigantic school that can take about 10 000 students.

Families are expected by the government to have a day of only family life so the parents and the kids will have a very good relationship. Husband can choose who they want to marry and same for the wives. The mom or the dad can work or stay home it depends on how their family want to do it. The number of kids can be chosen by the parents because some parents would rather take care of more kids.

Housing is very stabilised in the community. There are 1 garage, 2 garage and 3 garage houses. It is optional to what you want to choose. All the 1 garage houses are the same price and so is the 2 garage and 3 garage houses. The different neighbours will carry nice welcoming people. For the houses the designs are different though but not the amount of square feet.

In this community there are 2 seasons winter and summer. In summer it reaches to max 20 degrees celsius and in winter negative 5 degrees max. There are a huge variety of species some like the summer time some like the winter time but most of them are not poisonous. There are no pets in the community because majority of people think it is cruel.

Kids and parents like to hang out with their friend and enjoy in the different places like the mall or bowling. The fee to play these games and sports and buy food is low because there way too many kids coming to something like the mall so the fee does not have to be that high. Parties are hosted often by all different ages.