Moment Advertisement Creative Process

13 May , 2018  


Branding + Video Production

I used to think that branding in a video advertisement was all about showcasing the company’s product, in terms of its functions and purpose. However, after this unit I now know that it is more than that. Creating an advertisement not only is to feature a company’s products, but it is also to capture the essence of the brand. The video is supposed to show the message the company stands for. In my case, I tried to communicate the carefree enjoyability of life experienced while still keeping up with one’s responsibilities. In the past, I never noticed or paid attention to the various symbols or metaphors companies included in their ads to help to speak to their message. Or how angles in filming can help express a character’s feelings or emotions. Now I understand how these aspects come into play with each other in order to produce an advertisement that can clearly communicate the company’s message. In my advertisement, I used a skateboard as a symbol showing that in order to reach your goals or your desired destination in life, you could take a skateboard, which is both fun, and quick with some safety risks involved. I believe that this was able to help express my message. I also didn’t consider how much research is put into an advertisement before producing the video to be able to understand the target audience better. After doing my own research for my advertisement, I learned several of my target group’s preferences. Therefore, I made sure to incorporate this into my advertisement, so that it would be both relatable and interesting. Overall, after this unit, I was able to learn new things and deeper my understanding on company branding and video production.

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