Service and Action

7 Outcomes of Service Initial Reflection – 2017/2018

28 Sep , 2017  

I became more aware of my own strengths and areas for growth during my previous school’s field studies trips, as we were required to reflect on our performance each day. One of the most memorable service days was my field studies trips to Telunas, Indonesia, wherein we visited a school to help them build a fence and interact with the many children that went there. I experienced challenges interacting with the students as there was a huge language barrier. Although we weren’t able to understand each other, we still had some fun. With the Global Issues Network club at my previous school, I had organized a walkathon to raise funds for buying a new Iron Giraffe for Water for South Sudan, which is used to dig up new wells. I had to discuss with several teachers, and different students to successfully plan the event. We experienced many challenges when planning, such as the unavailability of the venue, no volunteers available, etc. However, we persevered and found new ways around it. It was very great knowing how we had made a difference for a community in Sudan. We even went above our goal, in terms of money. Therefore, I feel that doing service is a great way to make a difference in the world and be more globally minded.


My Educational Board Game

18 Sep , 2017  

Through my research, I have learnt that the 3rd grade math curriculum does revolve around the four basic core operations. I have also discovered the ideal game lengths regarding attention spans of students around the ages of  7-9, popular theme characters, types of board game mechanics, and how to use a laser cutter through both secondary research and primary research, including surveys and product analysis. I’m going to apply the new found information I have learnt to be able to design my educational board game the most successfully and appropriately. I will be designing my board game to be around 15-20 minutes long to make sure that the students stay engaged and to increase the enjoyability of the game as the simple objective may become too repetitive after very long. To ensure that the game becomes very re playable and enjoyable, I will make sure to feature a variety of maths questions with different difficulty levels, as I’ve learnt from my product analysis, to make sure that the students are still challenged enough to learn but not too much that the game becomes too difficult for them. Through my primary research, I have learnt that it takes the students around less than 30 seconds to solve a solution, therefore I will ensure that the timer is set accordingly.

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