Project Genesis – Criteria Aii

I learnt about how to create good mashups from this site. This site has information on a large variety of subjects, such as how to pick songs and how to match them. I am going to use the information from this link to match the song structures and the keys.
I’m using the information on what makes a good mashup from this link. The site provides a lot of basic knowledge on mashups and how to create them. It offers three vital factors that are required for good mashups – compatible keys, smooth transitions and similar lyrics. Using the information from this site, I will find songs with similar lyrics and compatible keys, then create smooth transitions between them for the mashups.
This link has good suggestions on songs that would be good as mashups. This will help me choose the songs I want for the mashup. I have picked four songs from the website to put on my list. Currently, I am thinking about using Good Time by Owl City and What makes you Beautiful by One Direction. The two songs have a similar lyrics and are compatible with each other. However, I would still need two more song songs to complete the mashup.
 This site offers an in depth step by step explanation of how to create a mashup. The tips are immensely useful and they will help me learn how to make a mashup. Although change some of the steps, the site’s instructions still offer an excellent guideline. For example, steps 5 and 6 (EQ the vocal and  Apply FX) are both important steps that I had no idea was necessary before I read the article. I will use this article to help me create the mashup.

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