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Sounds of CDNIS – Final Submission

This is my final Sounds of CDNIS submission. It uses 4 “CDNIS sounds”, including the sound of a locker closing, a pen clicking, a desk bell ringing, and the voice of my friend. I also added two digital instruments, piano and electric piano, performing rhythms composed by me. Finally, I used a total of 24 Apple Loops, including themes such as Chinese, Western orchestral, American country music, African drums, and synths. Hope you enjoy it!















Describe the process of this assignment.
In the beginning, I found some sound effects – the locker closing sound effect, as well as another, which I forgot. After a few days, I decided to change it, and used the pen clicking sound effect, and started on the Apple Loops that day. However, after a while, my laptop broke and had to be brought in to repair. Since I did not have another Mac, I could not work on it during that time. After the repair, I continued working on it and found the desk bell sound effect, and asked my friend for permission to use his voice recording. However, I struggled so much in the original instrument tracks that I decided to start from scratch.

Discuss your CDNIS sounds and how useful they were for your end product.
Unfortunately, due to quarantine, I was unable to get actual sound recordings from CDNIS. However, I did get sound effects online that are pretty accurate to the ones in CDINS. I used a sound effect of a locker door being closed, a pen being clicked, and a desk bell ringing. In addition, I also used a classmate’s (Russell) voice recording from a previous Chinese project, with his permission. The least used sound effects were the vocals and the clicking pen sound, since the voice recording didn’t fit well in the music, and the music, which had a lot of beats, covered up the quiet pen clicking sound. Overall, the locker closing and desk bell ringing sounds were the most useful sound effects useful since I could use them to cover up the transitions where it was more quiet.

Evaluate your learning and new skills acquired.
It took me quite a bit of time to come up with the original instrument tracks, but I was able to do it in the end. In addition, I also learned how to incorporate sound effects into my track, as well as learning to use the descriptors and genres in the Apple Loops library to filter out loops.

What challenges did you face and overcome?
It took me a really long time to come up with the original instrument tracks. I even decided to scrap my first piece, and start with a new one from scrap – new Apple Loops, some new sound effects, new modifiers, and new original tracks. For the first instrument track, I tried not to focus on how to incorporate Apple Loops with it, and come up with a beat, as well as playing around with the keyboard. For the second one, however, since I was running out of time, I made it similar to an Apple Loop, and played it with that Apple Loop as well as some other Apple Loops.

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