Performing Arts Blues Project Reflection

In performing arts, me and my group mates made a blues song. The blues cords we used are C, D, E and G. The blues is a kind of music that expresses emotions and tells stories My group mates were Summer and Jojo. We used the same melody as our P.A. teacher. I think we could have sang louder, so everyone can hear. Also, we were laughing too much, so next time I don’t think we should do that. We din’t really do improvisation, however, we did have a part where me and Summer sang a few sentences “The man hit a van” because the song was about a man we saw in instagram in a trash can and hit a minivan.

The things we did well was we didn’t forget to do anything in the song. I also thought the song was quite funny and made people laugh. Again, next time if we did not laugh and sang louder, our performance would have been better.

I think the most challenging part in this project was making the lyrics because they had to rhyme and make sense. I think the most creative thing in our song was “The man hit the van,” because it rhymed and was really catchy. I did enjoy this project because making songs are fun and gave me new experiences.

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Writing Goals

What are your strengths:
I think I have good sentence starters and I sometimes have good word choice. I also have good sequencing words and my essays are always creative and interesting.

What are your goals & how will you achieve them?
I think I need more different ways for writing my hook and I sometimes I can use more specific language. I shouldn’t always use the same word in one paragraph.

(ex. I planned a birthday party because I had to plan one for me and my mom told me to plan it.)
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Exhibition Reflection

Where are you in the Exhibition process?

I finished my proposal and my “What to do after your proposal” doc. Right now, I am going to work on some of my judges recommendations. However, she didn’t give me a lot, so I will look at my checklist to see what to do next.

What do you feel good about?

I feel good about me being hard-working and finishing my proposal. I also feel good about my proposal getting approved because all my hard work wasn’t wasted.

What are you nervous/anxious/unsure about and why?

I’m nervous/anxious/unsure about my whole exhibition topic because I’m still not sure about what to do for my project (like what to write) and I’m nervous about my topic not working out for me.

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Goals for this semester

Goals are important for me because it helps me improve. That’s why I have  made some goals for myself for this semester. My first goal is to hand in all my HL in time, and my second one is to be a risk taker and raise my hand and answer questions more.

First of all, one of my goals for this semester is to always hand in my HL in time. I want to use my best effort when doing it and not rush when doing it. I will know I reached my goal when I always hand my HL in time, and when my HL is very detailed because that will mean I used my best effort.

How I will achieve it? I won’t do my HL last minute, so I will have enough time. And I will remind myself everyday that I have to do HL by writing “HL” on my whiteboard at home. When I complete this goal, I will be more responsible and handing in my HL on time. This also helps with my time management. I will try to achieve this goal before the semester ends.

In addition, my other goal is to be a risk taker and raise my hand up and answer more questions. I will know I have reached this goal when I start raising my hand more and start taking risks by answering questions. I can practise taking risks because when I’m older, I will have to take a lot of risks. I hope to reach my goal at the end of Grade because for me, this goal will be quite hard to reach if I only have a few months time.

I chose these two goals because these are things that I can improve on. I hope I will reach these two goals before grade 6 ends. These two goals can help me as a learner because I can be more responsible and be a risk taker.

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Math Unit 1 Patterns and Algerbra Reflection

What did I learn?

In this unit, I learnt how to find patterns rules and how to do graphing. Also, I had to to do some algebra in the pattern rules and even watched a video of how to do easy algebra equations. (I learnt different ways to do algebra with addition and subtractions.) You can also use tables to find the pattern rules.

What do I still need some work on?

I think I need to make less careless mistakes and do better at graphing. I’m always confused about where to start on the graph and always make carless mistakes in finding out the term number’s answer.

Image result for math


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Explanation Blog Post

In the 3 weeks of grade 6, I’ve already learned all sorts of things, like matter, badminton, the hailstone sequence… Unfortunately, in this blog post, I’m only going to talk about my badminton experience and playing ukulele in performing arts. 

We are learning badminton in P.E. right now. I’ve learnt how to do good serves and I also learnt the rules for badminton. In P.E. class, we did singles and doubles competitions to help our skills. It was really fun and exciting and I really liked it. Unfortunately, we are only going to do badminton until October break.

Furthermore, in performing arts, we are learning to play the ukulele. By now, we have learnt 3 chords, the C chord, the F chord and the G7 chord. I actually found out how to play “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” on the ukulele too!

These few weeks were really fun and I hope it’ll be like that throughout the whole year!


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這是我出跆拳道比賽之前。 我三年前開始玩跆拳道,然後我的朋友們都跟了我玩跆拳道呢!我很喜歡跆拳道因為可以健康一點和在可裡,我可以見到我的朋友。



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Grade 6 passions, interests and issues

Time goes by so quickly, I’m already a sixth grader! This year we are learning about our passions, interests and issues. That’s why I’m going to talk about that in this post.


I have quite a lot of passions, but one of my passions is exploring nature. For example, everytime I go to Okinawa, Japan, I would go explore the tide pools and always find amazing and weird creatures like: sea- urchins, abalone, sea slugs, crabs, tiny mantis shrimps and even octopuses. That’s why I’m very passionate about exploring nature! 


Besides my passions, I also have all sorts of interests like singing, dancing, piano… basically music. I’m also interested in space, that’s why I ask a lot of questions about that to my dad (he has learnt about space in university). However, I don’t want to have a job about space when I grow up. 


There are a lot of world problems and they are serious issues. That’s why I want to share awareness about that. Issues like animal abuse, global warming, gender equality and ocean waste. These issues are destroying our world slowly and I hope they will be solved in the future.

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