Project Genesis – Criteria Di Reflection

Below is my reflection for my assignment, screenshots of my work in Garageband making my song and a clip of my final track/song; “90’s Hip-Hop Mashup!”

Q1) Explain the step by step process of this assignment.

I think this assignment had around 5 main steps. The one I started with was choosing what I wanted to do, a mashup, writing a song, etc. I decided to do a mashup of 4 different songs, but I didn’t know which songs I wanted to do yet. I then proceeded to watch all of the videos that were provided about making mashups in GarageBand and in general to learn a little more, because I had tried to make a mashup before, but it didn’t sound the best, it could’ve sounded better. After watching those videos, I completed the Crit C music proposal task, which is where I decided to choose 90’s hip-hop songs to use in my mashup. After completing that form and put my answers in a blog post, I moved on to the Crit A part of this assignment, which was researching. I used the researching time to learn more about creating mashups specifically in Garageband and more about specific 90’s hip-hop song tempos and beats. I wanted to try and find song sin that category (90’s hip-hop) that has the same tempo and beat so the final track/song had a similar tempo/beat. I then put all of my answers into a blog post, as I did with the Crit C part of this. I then began editing my mashup, I downloaded my four songs onto my laptop and began editing them all together with background sound effects and extra drum tracks. It took me a total of two class sessions and around 1.5 hours at home so in total 2.5 hours to complete my entire track/song. I put some finishing touches on it and named it “90’s Hip-Hop Mashup.” I then wrote my reflection, put my final track/song, a screenshot of all of the work that I did in Gragabend when working on my song, and my final reflection in a blog post and submitted it.

Q2) Assess your success against your assessable criteria from your proposal.

One of my criteria (originally I did this part wrong in the proposal part of this unit), was to add background sound effects and make some of the songs on the track sound more upbeat and fun and I did do that, specifically with the wind sound, because every time a new song started, it was going back by two or three years, so to show that I used a rewinding sound which was one of my criteria. I also used other sounds such as gunshots and explosions sound through the track to just simply make the track sound more lively and interesting.

Q3) Evaluate your learning and new skills acquired. 

I think I definitely learned more about GarageBand, not just during this assignment, but throughout the entire music rotation. I learned more about how to put loops in Gragaband and how to basically make an entire track/song! I’ve used Garageband a few times before this all started, so I knew the basics, but I think the units we’ve done have helped me learn a lot more. I really enjoyed using Gragaband and I will use the new skills I’ve learned during this unit in the future for other tracks/songs I will make.

Below are screenshots of my work in Garageband of my final work.

Below is a clip of the final track/song: “90’s Hip-Hop Mashup!” Enjoy!

Thank you for reading!! (and listening!)

Chloe 🙂

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