Project Genesis – Crit A – Research

Below are my links and descriptions for my Crit A Research.

1st Link:

I am using this link to learn how to put transitions in between each excerpt of songs because I’ve done this before (putting transition in between tracks) but they always sound very choppy and not smooth causing the track/song to sound bad. This link has helped me learn how to do this properly so my transitions can be smoother.

2nd Link:

This link gave some examples of 80’s mashups that I could use for inspiration for my track/song and this link also helped me figure out which 80’s songs sounded similar to each other so the entire track/song had the same tempo/beat.

3rd Link:

This link helped me learn even more about GarageBand loops and how to apply so they sound like they are an apart of my track/song instead of a song that has a bunch of loops that sound out of place and weird. When the loops all sound similar to the song and they’ve been inserted into the track/song carefully the song will sound less choppy and more professional.

4th Link:

This last link basically just gave me a little more support on how to make a mashup with four songs because I think it’s harder to put four songs together than two or three and make it sound good. I didn’t use this link as much as I used the others as I was just using this as a bit of support for my mashup.


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Sounds of Isolation Summative

Below is my Sounds of Isolation Summative track/song and screenshots of my work in Garageband, enjoy!


Song Credits – As there is part of a song in my track/song, I’ve used NoodleTools to credit it.

“The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Bellbottoms.” YouTube, uploaded by Shove
Records, 14 July 2017, Accessed 13 May


I hope you enjoyed my track/song!

Chloe 🙂

Project Genesis – Criteria Ci – Music Proposal

Below is my music proposal for my Crit C Project Genesis.

Q1) What is the goal for your assignment and why? 

My goal for this assignment is to make a track with 4-5 different 80-90’s hip hop songs that are all looped together. I will start the song/track with a short excerpt of each song then loop them all together one by one. I’m choosing to do this because hip hop music from the ’80s and ’90s is my favourite type of music and I think looping some specific songs all together could sound really cool. I’m excited to see how this will turn out when I’m finished!

Q2) Outline/Process (Steps) to Achieve Goal.

I will start by selecting 4-5 of my favourite hip hop songs. I will then choose specific parts of each song to include in my final track, as I can’t add the full version of all of the songs into on song (it would be more than 10 minutes!). Then I will put a short excerpt of each song individually into my song with transitions from one song to the next. I will then loop the songs together using more advanced transitions and maybe some drum and bass tracks that I will get from GarageBand. Finally, I’ll add some is finishing touches and hand in my track/song, I’,m expecting it to be around 3-4 minutes once it’s all done with the transitions and added drum and bass tracks.

What are the criteria you will use to self assess the success of your product?

In Project genesis, I will be using Crit B, developing skills to asses my GarageBand skills once my track/song is finished. I will also be using Crit C, thinking creatively, to come up with a track/song that is creative and enjoyable to listen too.


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My Design Logo

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  2.  Did I follow all of the letters in C.A.R.P?

  3.  What would you change?

Ukelele: I Don’t Know my Name

This is my song for our ukelele project, it was a song of our choice and I choose: I Don’t Know my Name by Grace Vanderwall.


How is recording the same and different compared to the original song? What were your reasons behind your decisions?

The recording was different from the original, because, in the singing, the original artist hit different notes that I couldn’t hit so it sounded a little different. I have trouble hitting higher notes, so I changed it and made it my own by changing some of the notes towards the end of the song. My song was similar to the original because I strummed the same way the artist did. I watched some covers by other people and most of them strummed differently. For example, in the first chorus the artist strums slowly but in most of the covers, people strummed fast. I strummed slowly and that made me feel like my song was similar to the original artist. I also thought my song was similar to the original because the artist had made a website for other people to learn the chords. There were other websites people had made to learn the song and they had different chords. I used the one by the original artist so it was similar. I did this because I thought the original sound better, I tried out the chords on the other sites and they sounded wrong.

How did your music classes prepare you for this assignment?

I prepared for this assignment by doing lots of things. Firstly, I had learned how to play the ukelele last year and the year before so I wasn’t a beginner but I did learn some new chords and new ways to strum. I used one class to learn the new chords and way to strum and it helped. Secondly, us learning how to use Garageband properly and how to edit our songs helped a lot with this assignment. I had also learned how to use Garageband before, but I did learn some new things that were a bigger impact on the project. The things I had learned weren’t as helpful to this assignment, but the things we were taught, did help. Thirdly, I had some trouble with time management. I had recorded once but I had many errors and I tried to edit it but it didn’t work. I deleted it and did it again, because of this I lost time to add in instruments, but it all worked out in the end. Lastly, my singing improved from this assignment. I feel I’m at least a little bit better at singing than before I did this assignment. I think this because each time I practised signing my voice sounded better and in the final recording, I sounded the best I ever did (in my opinion).

Making of Me Video Reflection


         My Making of Me video was one of my first Humanities projects this year that was really fun to start off the year. This reflection will talk about what I found difficult, what I learned and more about this project and how I did it.

         Starting off with what part I did well in this project, I’d like to say my graphics and visuals were the best part for me. I had no trouble finding them and had no trouble leaving the credit for them. I figured out how to use iMovie quickly and that helped me put the graphics and visuals in easily. If I were to do this project again, I would change some things, but also keep some things the same. If I could do it all over again, I think my process would be quicker because I would know how to use iMovie and wouldn’t have trouble figuring it out and wouldn’t have as many problems. I would also maybe try to put in fewer visuals because looking back on my video, at times there were moments when there would be three photos in two seconds and it would be really hard to see, so I think fewer visuals would be an aim if there was a next time.

           Some things were quite difficult while doing this project, and I’m going to say what they are. Starting off with the fact that this was my first time using iMovie on a computer, I had no idea how to use it, so as I made my video I would learn new things along the way and half of the time they would be problems that seemed difficult to fix. I would eventually figure them out but it would take quite a while and that is really the only thing I found difficult, everything else seemed to go by quickly and easily. 


HWEO-Chinese Blog Post

We didn’t really do stories with the class. The four other new students and I were doing Quizlet. Ms. Sandy than did some small tests for us. The units I studied on Quizlet were; Feng Shui, Reunion Dinner, and Dad Changed. I enjoyed Reunion Dinner best because it talked about the reunions and I like that.

Chinese Year End Reflection

~Chinese Year Reflection~


       This was my very first year at CDNIS, which means it was my first year doing Chinese at CDNIS! We had three units that were very fun to learn about!   For the first term/half of the year, I wasn’t doing the same things my class was doing. Two other new students and I were up in the CCC (Chinese Cultural Centre) learning some basic Chinese phrases and other things that would help us when we came back to the normal class. We worked hard and learned mini-lessons in the CCC. The first lesson we did in the CCC, was basic Chinese phrases and sentences. We learned basic words like; hello, goodbye, teacher, children etc. We then took most of the words we had learned and put them into sentences. We did that lesson for a few weeks then took a test to test our knowledge and how much we knew. After the first lesson, we moved onto the second one which involved; family members, colors, and countries. We again did the same thing; learned the phrases then put them into sentences. We then took the test to test our knowledge and then we were ready to join the other class. By the end of the second unit, it was almost the end of the first term. The agreement was that the two other new students and I would join the normal MSL class after the Christmas Break.


       I think I was a communicator this year because I spoke a lot in Chinese. I could speak the stories and sing the songs. I spoke with the teacher for tests and could understand how to say the words. I also taught other people how to do things if they were confused. I taught them how to do it so they could get a could grade. I felt very helpful being a communicator but at the same time, I was helping myself.


       After the Christmas Break, we joined the normal MLS class with our other classmates. I was quite excited to learn what my peers were and we got straight into the second unit. Our second unit was WWPT (Where We are in Place and Time), we did lots of stories, but I also did some work with the two other new students. We didn’t go up to the CCC but we did different things with then the class only sometimes. Towards the middle and end of term two, the two new students and I started doing reading reports. We didn’t have to do the writing part of it, just the reading of the book. By then we didn’t really do things just the three of us new students, we did things as a class and felt more included. We took the same tests as them before we were taking our own tests that were easy, the tests we were taking together as a class was harder and I felt like I was challenging myself. We then had Easter break and came back for the last part of the year. We did HWEO (How We Express Ourselves) and were still in it. There were two other new students so in total there were five of us. We didn’t do a lot of HWEO because we were taking our own little tests and studying for them. We would go out to the green tables and study Feng Shui, Reunion Dinner, and The Internet Unit. We then took individual tests based on the units we were on.

        I think now that I’ve learned this language, I will be able to get a job easier when I’m older. People say that if you know Chinese then you can get a good job. Even though I’m not the best at it, I know some of it and I can use that to do things. Also, if I go to China or a Chinese country, I will know how to talk to people and I can help my family. I think Chinese is a very interesting language that I like learning.