Ukulele – Your Choice!~ Feliz Navidad

How is your recording the same as the original song? Why did you do this? *

My recording is the same as the original song because it has a similar drumming style. It has a similar feeling. I think that is because I tried to do it in a more “Christmasy” feeling. Also, I used the same notes as the original song.  I tried to make my recording reflect the original Feliz Navidad as much as possible.

How is your recording different compared to the original song? What were your reasons behind your decisions? *

I think it is different because I used a different strumming pattern. I used a down strum instead of an island strum because I wanted the drums to give a cheerful style but if my strumming was also fast and cheerful, I thought it would be a bit too much. I thought there would be too many things going on.

Ukulele Skills (if you did this yourself)

I sort of wanted to play my own ukulele but I didn’t have one and I was thinking of buying one for this but I thought I would be able to save more time if I just use the ukulele file provided.

Garageband editing – digital instrument, drum use… *

I added ukulele chords in the right place and timing. I also added the piano and bass in the right timing so it would match the strumming. I used a pop songwriter drum style because Feliz Navidad is a pop and a songwriter style. It is also Latin but I thought Pop Songwriter style matched the best.

Time management for your project… *

My time management of this project was not very good. I was really lost when I was starting this project and it wasted me a lot of time. I understood this project at the 4th class since we started this project. Garageband was very challenging for me because the editing was confusing and hard. I could meet the deadline but I think I could have done better if I didn’t waste my time at the start of this project.

Independent learning… (responsibility of getting things done on time) *

I was pretty independent in this task. I tried to answer my questions by myself but I didn’t waste my time there. If I couldn’t find a solution even after a long time, I asked Mr. O’Toole. But I really wanted to be independent in this project since I got a lot of help from the teacher for the first task we did earlier.

Music Summative Assessment – Oh Susannah


Google form:

What is the key of your tune? Time Signature? *
The key of Oh Susannah was the chord ‘C’. I can define the key of the tune by checking the first chord on the music. The time signature was 4/4 which is 4 beats per bar.

What sort of rhythms are used in your song? How were they used musically? *
For Oh Susanna’s harmony has quarter notes and half notes. There aren’t a lot of different rhythms in the harmony. For the melody, there were quarter notes, eight notes, dotted quarter notes, half notes, dotted half notes. They have notes with shorter beats so the rhythm is fast and cheerful. The song suited with short beats which made the song sound more fun.

Discuss your note accuracy and rhythm accuracy in regards to inputting the strumming and melodic playing… *
I think that my notes and rhythm were very accurate because I constantly looked at the note sheets of Oh Susannah and read each notes and used those notes in my GarageBand project. I checked again and again to make sure I was right. I did the same thing with the rhythm, I checked how long the note would last for. Also, I attended every zoom meetings that were held and I asked Mr. O’Toole questions and I got help and feedbacks.

How did you decide your tempo to match your song and style? Did the context of the song change because of this? *
I changed my tempo to 150 to give it a more exciting feeling. If I made the tempo slower, I think it would have made it more calm and droopy. If my tempo gets faster, it makes it more bright. I used the audio Mr. O’Toole sent us for choosing our songs to know what the feeling of the song should look like. The singer in the audio sang it brightly and the strumming was also gave a very cheerful feeling so I made the tempo a bit more faster.

What skills did you acquire with your use of Garageband? Trimming, Cutting, pasting, metronome, etc… How did you use these skills throughout the assignment? *
I used Garageband when I was in lower school but I only used it on an iPad and I always had hardships using it so I was pretty worried but I found out that it is easier for me to do Garageband on the computer. I used trimming and pasting for the strumming and the chords. I had to trim the chords and strumming that Mr. O’Toole sent us and I had to paste them in right places with the right length. I also added drums and it was really cool how you could customize the styles to match with your taste and song. I used the metronome for my singing. It helped me stay on time.

Discuss any challenges you had to overcome for this assignment! *
A challenge I faced was that I didn’t what to do for my strumming so I was lost for a while but then I asked Mr. O’Toole and I got help. Another challenge I faced was that I couldn’t find my Oh Susannah Garageband with my melody, harmony and strumming. I think I didn’t save it. But I put my exported song to a new garageband and I added the drums.

Oh Susanna (Upgraded Ver.)

Only melody:

Only harmony:

Only strumming:

Melody, harmony, and strumming:

Screenshot (only the first verse):

Instrument Info for G7 Music

The instrument I chose is the flute. A flute is one of the musical instruments in the woodwind group. A flute is a reedless wind instrument. It produces sound when a stream of air is directed against the edge of a hole, causing the air within the body of the instrument to vibrate.

How to open

Place the flute case on a flat surface. Make sure the flute case is right-side up. If you open it upside down, all the parts might fall out and you might break something. There are 3 parts in a flute, the head joint, the body, and the foot joint.

How to make a sound:

We have to shape our lips in a correct position to make a sound, this is called an embouchure.

How to put your flute together

How to hold a flute

Have both of your hands in a puppet shape. Position your left hand’s fingers facing you. Position your right hand’s fingers facing outwards.

How to clean your flute

Use a soft piece of fabric to clean off the moisture and finger marks after playing. Clean each part one by one. Put it gently in your flute and turn your flute.

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Unité 1 Parlez-vous français

Le critère C et D à lòral

For this task, we had to record us introducing ourselves in French. We had to use all the information we learned since the beginning of the year. My partner was Veronica, here are some challenges we faced during this project. The first challenge was that our recording was too short. We were using our notebooks to create our script but we forgot one page of our notebook so we had to fix it in the middle of the recording stage to go back and fix the script so it kind of delayed things. The second challenge was my pronunciation. I couldn’t pronounce things so I had to listen to google translate over and over again, but the google translate said it too fast so it was really hard to follow. Also, it made me laugh when I was saying it because it was really awkward so we had to stop and record again and again and again.

Design Logo Reflection

This is my logo:




















I think my logo represents me in lots of ways. Firstly, the mountain and the slide are also my initials: A and K.

My ‘A’ resembles a mountain and this represents me because I like nature and I also go hiking on the mountain often with my family. The bright green of the mountain resembles nature. Also, the image is clear so everyone who sees this can know it is a mountain.

For my ‘K’, I also drew a yellow slide to show joy and cheerfulness. In color psychology, yellow represents cheerfulness and joy.

For the background color, I used mint green because that is my favorite color and it represents calmness and freshness. It shows that I am a calm person.

But if I could change my logo, I would make the stickman better because it looks a bit wonky. I would also make my ‘K’ look more like a slide because the image isn’t clear.

Please comment below to give me some comments on my Logo~

Thank you!

These are some questions you can refer to:

1) What do you think about my logo and how do you think it represents me?

2) What do you think of the color choices?

3) What is one thing you wanna change in my logo?


在这个单元里,我学习很多社区相关词汇 。我也学会了写读书报告的不同方法,因为张老师给我们很多不同的 templates。我觉得这个单元太难因为社区和千秋画是一个男的话题。我也觉得读中文书难所以我为自己设定了一些SMART目标:

Specific 我想读更多中文书 。

Measurable 我没走回读两本书,所以我每个月读八本书。

Attainable  这个目标是attainable因为没走读两本书不太难。

Realistic 这个目标是realistic因为没走两本书不多。

Timely 我讲话二十分钟读书。

HWEO Chinese Culture Center Beam Design

这个单元,我们做弘汉轩的横梁设计。这是我的设计。我画了阴阳和龙,因为龙代表权利。阴阳代表中庸。我用了红色,绿色,金色和蓝色因为韩国人喜欢蓝色和绿色,中国人喜欢红色和金色,因为红色代表吉利。金色代表 我也画了高贵和有钱。我也花了中国国旗的五星和韩国国旗的。

This unit, we worked on our beam design for CCC. This is my design.

I drew yin and yang pattern and dragon because dragons represent power and yin and yang represent balance. I used  red, green, gold, and blue because korean like green and blue and chinese like red and gold. Red represents luck and gold represents nobility. I also drew the Chinese flag’s five stars and the Korean’s flag’s Qian Kun.