Science in grade 6

In class, we had a few science experiments and science classes. Our first science class was transitioning into the HTWW unit. Next was the science rotations, the science rotations was really fun because we tried a lot of new things. I tried cooking and experiments in the science lab. We also had an experiments by putting a egg on beacon putting boiling water and fire beneath it. The one with the fire work but the one with boiling water sank only a bit. With my knowledge, I think its because the particles inside slowly moved around each other like in a liquid.


First Blog

These past few weeks have been pretty fun because we got to do a few fun things. The first week of school was to settle in. To meet the teachers, the new students, and the grade 6 area. On week two, we learned about Approaches to learning skills and project-based learning. I and Nathan got together as math buddies, and we solved the MTR problem. At the end of the week, we transitioned into our science unit and my group and I did two experiments. One of them was to blow up a balloon using vinegar and baking soda, the second one was to make oobleck. In week three, I had my new table group. It was fun meeting the people and inventing names and rules. We had a lot of science lab and we learned the hailstone pattern.

Bye Bye grade 5

Grade 5 was a really fun year, I learned a lot of new things. Like learning how to write a powerful paragraph. I also reviewed my fractions and learned some other kinds of algebra. During the grade5 camp, I felt like it was a really fun experience. We learned how to be independent. During the fashion show, we learned some deisgn skills. For grade 6, I’m feeling a bit worried because it seems like a long year and quite boring, but I’m kinda excited about grade 6 camp.


In our new How the World Works unit, we’ve been learning about Static Electricity. We have been looking into electrical experiments and electromagnets. This relates to our central idea by learning how magnets and electricity works. I feel confident about how static electricity works and how we can transfer electricity. My question is how an electric shock works in the body and what is the limit until you get shocked. I really enjoyed seeing how to complete a circuit and transfer electricity into something because it’s very satisfying.

My WWPT Reflection

WWPT Reflection

This unit introduced me to a lot of things. It taught me how to research well, I also learned a lot of things about ancient Egypt and WW2. At the beginning of this unit, I didn’t know much about ancient Egypt. I used to think that ancient Egyptians just some random people that built pyramids. Now I know that they made a lot of inventions we used today like toothpaste and makeup. I feel like I wasted a bit of time sometimes by not doing much but I did my work most of the time. I wouldn’t really change anything in the unit

Learning review reflection

Learning review reflection

During the learning review, I felt a little nervous about my mom knowing how my attitude is in school, but it turned out better than I thought. Most of the time, my learning review is always the teacher saying how it always distracted and never finish my work. This time, Ms. Winnie only mentioned my bad attitude once.

We talked about what kind of study I am given at home. I said that the study was too challenging and it was also too much. It makes me tired and makes me have less enjoyment towards learning. I feel like my mom didn’t really think too much about what I said. I would like to have more enjoyment towards learning.

YA Reflection

Young Americans

This week, G5 did a 2-day workshop with the Young Americans. The first day, I didn’t like it because I always hated dancing and singing. The second day, we had more fun playing games. Also, here are three of the most important things I learned. The first one is that performing is enjoyable. The second thing that I learned is that it isn’t hard to learn dance moves if you focus. The most important is that trying new things is good. I say that because I never really tried dancing and singing but now, I feel that dancing and singing isn’t that bad.

#CharityChallenge Reflection

We worked well enough to finish all 7 posters. We also got most of our posters approved. A few of the posters we forgot to put the logos on and we made a few mistakes but they were all minors. We had roles to do different Posters. My job was to do goodie bag poster. I also had to the thank you read out card. The goodie bag poster took a long time and I had to work with Wyatt to finish my thank you read out card. We organized our time by having everyone do their own which took less time. I used C.A.R.P by adding a bright color on top of a dark color which makes it stand out. That was Contrast. For Alignment, I put pictures and words in the middle. For repetition, We had a couple of cards stating the same thing. For Proximity, —-. I would maybe make it more beautiful by adding different shades of green. The two presents Judges were clear by stating things that we forgot and how we can make.