Culminating Assignment – Sounds of CDNIS

Describe the process of this assignment. 
 Before doing this assignment, I’ve learned a lot more about garage band, and how to edit and produce music. Some techniques are plug-ins, loops, musical instruments and more. During this assignment, we created our own music using all of the techniques we had learned, and also an addition to the sounds of CDNIS. It was hard at the beginning of the assignment since getting a melodic idea for composing isn’t easy, especially having to include the sounds of CDNIS. After finding a melody and a beat it was a lot easier to put loops and sounds together. Having to make the sounds of CDNIs a main part of the song was hard since it doesn’t exactly come with a rhythm or a melody, so you have to learn how to edit it to match and fit the rest of your piece. I really liked this assignment and the process of this assignment. I learned a lot of new knowledge that I didn’t know before, and these knowledge are useful.
Discuss your CDNIS sounds and how useful they were for your end product. 
 My first CDNIS sound is the sound of a microwave opening and closing, I used plug-ins to edit this sound and made an echo effect to it. I cut it to the part where I think matches my song. I used this sound in the first part of my music, starting from bar 5, and every other bar until bar 15. My second sound of CDNIS is the sound of a vending machine. I also used plug-ins to edit this sound. I edited the sound and cut the recording to parts where I need and sound pleasing with my music. I used this sound at the beginning of my music and also in the middle of my music, from the end of bar 20 to the end of bar 29. My third sound of CDNIS is the sound of chains shattering. I used plug-ins to edit this sound and also cut out the parts I need. I used this sound in bar 18 to match with one of my loops to create a smooth change to the music. The fouth sound of CDNIS I used was the sound of a door opening and closing. I used plug-ins to edit this sound and also chose the part that I want for the song. I used this song at the start and also at the end of this song. My fifth sound of CDNIS was a teacher’s voice. The teacher spoke a lot, so I cut out the part that I want to use in my music. I used this sound in the middle of my music, at bar 21, 24 and 26. I think that my sounds did make my song better, but I could have used more of the sound in my music, and made the sounds the main part of my music.
Evaluate your learning and new skills acquired. 
 Through this assignment, I learned a lot of new skills about garage band. Some of the new techniques I learned throughout the process are plug-ins, loops and how to use musical instruments on garage band. Plug-ins are tools to edit a soundtrack, to make it sound better and make it fit better in your music. Loops are tracks to add to your music, the notes, rhythm are already decided for you for loops, but there are a big variety of loops to pick out of, for example, string instruments, brass, woodwind, drums, voice and more. Musical instruments are digital instruments on garage band. You have to play your own notes for these musical instruments, you can decide on the rhythm, the pitch, the notes and more. So there is more freedom to what music you want to produce.
What challenges did you face and overcome? 
 There are lots of challenges that I faced through this assignment. For example not knowing how to use a tool in garage band. For example, the keyboard typing for the musical instruments, I had to get familiar with the keyboard on my computer, so when I am recording my instrument, I won’t play something wrong. Another tool I had to get familiar with was the edit of my notes. I can edit the notes according to the bottom of garage band and adjust the notes that I played and change it if I played the wrong notes, that way you don’t need to keep re-recording. The second challenge I faced was to forget to save a project. There are multiple times I forgot to save my project before closing it or restarting my computer. I had to restart my whole project since I didn’t save it and it was pretty annoying. But after one to two times of not saving my project, I start to always save my project every time I’m shutting down or restarting my computer. There were lots of challenges but I overcome all of them after practicing and using them for a long time.

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