In the past unit, we’ve learned how to make a good science report. In a good science report, there should be credible methods and evidence to explore relationships in our experiment.

Firstly, is a credible method, that we follow while performing the experiment. In order to create a credible method, you should always include the controlled variables, which are the things that stay the same throught out the experiment. A credible method should also include safety information. This will allow the scientist to perform the experiment safely without getting hurt. Methods are a very important part of a credible scientific investigation.

Being able to collect credible evidence is also an important part of a scientific investigation. Credible evidence is the data that is collected throughout the experiment, and the scientific reasoning used to prove the hypothesis. Credible evidence has to be reliable, and real. Made up evidence does not count as credible evidence. In order to collect reliable evidence, you need to perform multiple trials for every IV(independent variable).

Lastly, the relationship between the IV(independent variable) and DV(dependent variable) in the research question and the hypothesis. The research question explains the whole experiment, if the IV is changed, will the DV change too? The hypothesis explains what will happen to the DV if the IV is changed. The research question is why we do the experiment, as for the scientific explanation, it explains why does the DV change because of the IV.

In conclusion, we’ve learned about credible methods, evidence, and relationships in this past unit, which will be very useful for the upcoming units.