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Project Genesis – Crit B/D – Final product


Explain the step by step process of this assignment
First, you have to read over the task sheet and understand the rubric. Then, you can start to research about the different techniques of mash ups. After that, you start to find your 4 different songs that you want to mash up. I try to find songs that sound more similar and has similar rhythms and beats. Then you download the 4 songs that you want tp use. After you found and downloaded your 4 songs, start with making sure you changed the timing to one that fits with all 4 songs. Start with mashing up 2 songs then you can slowly add the other 2. Make sure your song is at least 2 minutes long.


Assess your success against your assessable criteria from your proposal
 I set a goal before starting my assignment. My goal was to make a mash-up with 4 songs of my choice, to make sure my song is on time, is on beat and is at least 2 minutes long. I completed all of my goal, my songs was 2 minutes long and was on beat. The criteria that I will assess myself with is making sure my whole song is on time, is on the same beat, and is at least 2 minutes long, and at least 4 songs for mash-up. I also want to make sure that I make good use of my time during class and at home, so I will be able to hand in my assignment on time. I finished my mashup and handed it in, but my reflection was late, so I should make sure to hand in my reflection on time in the future.


Evaluate your learning and new skills acquired.
 In order to make a good mash up, you need to know how to mash up a song, how to control the timing and beats, how to edit a recording, making it smooth, and also how to cut a recording. Before this project, I have learned how to cut a recording, edit it with plug-ins and also making it smooth by making sure the timing is on point. Through out this project, I have learned a new skill which is how to make all the recording’s timing the same. First you have to find the beat of the recording, then when you press enable flex, you can control the timing of the recording. By learning this skill, my mash-up sounded so much better than not using this skill.


What challenges did you face and overcome.
 There were multiple challenges during this assignment. One of the challenges was to pick 4 songs that sound similar and has a similar style that can get mashed up and will still sound good. I did trial and error multiple times until I got the 4 best songs I could find, and started to edit it. Another challenge I faced was to learn how to pick different parts of the 4 songs to mash together. I tried playing all 4 songs together which ended up sounding horrible. So, to solve that problem, I decided to play the melody of one song at a time and an instrumental version of another song along with the melody. After changing the way of how I mash up my songs, the whole mash up sounded better.

Project Genesis – Research


What information are you using from this link? 

In this video I learned the techniques of how to make sure that my different songs are in the same beat. First, you have to find the beat of the recording, it has to be as close as possible, and after that, you go to the bottom of garage band, and go to track, click the button enable flex, and then go to region, and click follow tempo and pitch. By doing that, you can change the speed of the recording and the recording will follow your speed.

Link of your research



What information are you using from this link? 
 In this video, I learned a technique to improve on my speed of editing and will make it much easier for me to edit my track. By adding an arrangement track, it will help you to split up your music into different sections, for example intro, verse, bridge, and chorus. To get an arrangement track, you go to the top of your computer, click on track, you will see show arrangement track, then click on the add button beside arrangement, and below the numbers of bars, it will show different sections, each is 8 bars long, but you can change the length of the sections by dragging the end of each section. You can also rename each section so you can remember more clearly for yourself. You can also switch the order of each section around, by dragging the section.



What information are you using from this link? 
 In this video, I learned how to fix my timing in garage band. First click on the editor window and it should show notes and region at the bottom of the garage band. Then click on note, there should be a time quantize, and below that you would be able to change the notes of your music, for example there are 1/2 notes, 1/4 notes, and more. This is useful when you play an instrument out of time and you will be able to change it back on time.



What information are you using from this link? 
 In this video, I learned how to use the tool flex, and how to change my timing on it. You can add flex marks once you clicked the editor’s window, and the button enable flex. You can edit the audio track by adding markers and dragging them, cutting them, etc.

Project Genesis – Proposal

What is the goal for your assignment? 
 The goal for my assignment is to make a mash-up with 4 songs of my choice, to make sure my song is on time, is on beat and is at least 2 minutes long.


Why this project? 
 In the past, we did lots of different projects using garage band such as making a song using only loops, creating a song using musical instruments and also creating a song using sounds of CDNIS, but we have never made or experiment a mash-up with songs. So, I chose this project(a mash-up) because I want to experiment doing a mash-up, make a song out of lots of songs that I like, and since I have never tried to mash up any songs before, I would like to try it and learn new techniques from it.


Outline/Process (Steps) to Achieve Goal. 
1. understand the project
2. choose songs
3. research about songs, and techniques
4. start downloading songs online(only vocal, and instrumental)
5. Start mashing up songs
6. Edit your song
7. turn in your project


What do you hope to learn?
 From this project, I hope to learn the different techniques of mashing up multiple songs, learn to edit the mash-up after putting the different songs together, learn to control my timing and also learn to control my music to be on beat. I also want to learn how to manage my time well throughout this project, so I will be able to hand my project in on time.


What are the criteria you will use to self assess the success of your product? 
 For this project, I will make sure my whole song is on time, is on the same beat, and is at least 2 minutes long, and at least 4 songs for mash-up. I also want to make sure that I make good use of my time during class and at home, so I will be able to hand in my assignment on time.

Culminating Assignment – Sounds of CDNIS

Describe the process of this assignment. 
 Before doing this assignment, I’ve learned a lot more about garage band, and how to edit and produce music. Some techniques are plug-ins, loops, musical instruments and more. During this assignment, we created our own music using all of the techniques we had learned, and also an addition to the sounds of CDNIS. It was hard at the beginning of the assignment since getting a melodic idea for composing isn’t easy, especially having to include the sounds of CDNIS. After finding a melody and a beat it was a lot easier to put loops and sounds together. Having to make the sounds of CDNIs a main part of the song was hard since it doesn’t exactly come with a rhythm or a melody, so you have to learn how to edit it to match and fit the rest of your piece. I really liked this assignment and the process of this assignment. I learned a lot of new knowledge that I didn’t know before, and these knowledge are useful.
Discuss your CDNIS sounds and how useful they were for your end product. 
 My first CDNIS sound is the sound of a microwave opening and closing, I used plug-ins to edit this sound and made an echo effect to it. I cut it to the part where I think matches my song. I used this sound in the first part of my music, starting from bar 5, and every other bar until bar 15. My second sound of CDNIS is the sound of a vending machine. I also used plug-ins to edit this sound. I edited the sound and cut the recording to parts where I need and sound pleasing with my music. I used this sound at the beginning of my music and also in the middle of my music, from the end of bar 20 to the end of bar 29. My third sound of CDNIS is the sound of chains shattering. I used plug-ins to edit this sound and also cut out the parts I need. I used this sound in bar 18 to match with one of my loops to create a smooth change to the music. The fouth sound of CDNIS I used was the sound of a door opening and closing. I used plug-ins to edit this sound and also chose the part that I want for the song. I used this song at the start and also at the end of this song. My fifth sound of CDNIS was a teacher’s voice. The teacher spoke a lot, so I cut out the part that I want to use in my music. I used this sound in the middle of my music, at bar 21, 24 and 26. I think that my sounds did make my song better, but I could have used more of the sound in my music, and made the sounds the main part of my music.
Evaluate your learning and new skills acquired. 
 Through this assignment, I learned a lot of new skills about garage band. Some of the new techniques I learned throughout the process are plug-ins, loops and how to use musical instruments on garage band. Plug-ins are tools to edit a soundtrack, to make it sound better and make it fit better in your music. Loops are tracks to add to your music, the notes, rhythm are already decided for you for loops, but there are a big variety of loops to pick out of, for example, string instruments, brass, woodwind, drums, voice and more. Musical instruments are digital instruments on garage band. You have to play your own notes for these musical instruments, you can decide on the rhythm, the pitch, the notes and more. So there is more freedom to what music you want to produce.
What challenges did you face and overcome? 
 There are lots of challenges that I faced through this assignment. For example not knowing how to use a tool in garage band. For example, the keyboard typing for the musical instruments, I had to get familiar with the keyboard on my computer, so when I am recording my instrument, I won’t play something wrong. Another tool I had to get familiar with was the edit of my notes. I can edit the notes according to the bottom of garage band and adjust the notes that I played and change it if I played the wrong notes, that way you don’t need to keep re-recording. The second challenge I faced was to forget to save a project. There are multiple times I forgot to save my project before closing it or restarting my computer. I had to restart my whole project since I didn’t save it and it was pretty annoying. But after one to two times of not saving my project, I start to always save my project every time I’m shutting down or restarting my computer. There were lots of challenges but I overcome all of them after practicing and using them for a long time.

Science 8- Credible Scientist

In the past unit, we’ve learned how to make a good science report. In a good science report, there should be credible methods and evidence to explore relationships in our experiment.

Firstly, is a credible method, that we follow while performing the experiment. In order to create a credible method, you should always include the controlled variables, which are the things that stay the same throught out the experiment. A credible method should also include safety information. This will allow the scientist to perform the experiment safely without getting hurt. Methods are a very important part of a credible scientific investigation.

Being able to collect credible evidence is also an important part of a scientific investigation. Credible evidence is the data that is collected throughout the experiment, and the scientific reasoning used to prove the hypothesis. Credible evidence has to be reliable, and real. Made up evidence does not count as credible evidence. In order to collect reliable evidence, you need to perform multiple trials for every IV(independent variable).

Lastly, the relationship between the IV(independent variable) and DV(dependent variable) in the research question and the hypothesis. The research question explains the whole experiment, if the IV is changed, will the DV change too? The hypothesis explains what will happen to the DV if the IV is changed. The research question is why we do the experiment, as for the scientific explanation, it explains why does the DV change because of the IV.

In conclusion, we’ve learned about credible methods, evidence, and relationships in this past unit, which will be very useful for the upcoming units.





Science Reflection – Structures and Forces

I learned a lot in this unit about safety. There are lots of reasons that the natural world effects us such as typhoon and earthquakes, that is why we want to test out what kind of structures are stronger to use, this is the main part of this unit.

Talking about scientific learning, we made our own structures and tested out using different ways, for example using weights to see what kind of structure stands longer. Now I know that some structures are stronger than the others such as the pyramid is stronger than the rectangular prism and also the cylinder.

I used science by exploring by experimenting and using data organizing to let me see even clearer which structure is stronger. For my scientific research question, I chose “How does the shape of the structure affect the steadiness of the structure?”. I chose this topic because I was interested in the different shape of the structure because part of design is the shape of the structure so I am interested to see which structure is actually stronger than the others. From this experiment, I learned that the pyramid is a very strong kind of structure, and that is maybe one of the reasons why the Egyptians chose this shape as their structure shape for burying the of  Corpse of the Royal Egyptians.

I improved on my organization skills during the process of the experiment, I used a data collection sheet where I fill everything out and make my tables. I also made plans on what I need to finish every day in order to complete this task. I used my plans and I finished my report on time. I also used the skill individual work, I worked independently and concentrated without anyone disturbing for most of the time. I did meet some problems when I was making my structures for the experiment such as when I had to make the cylinder, first I thought that I definitely need a compass for that, but then when I was making the circle of the cylinder I thought of just tracing the outline of the circle I made. After I did my experiment I got curious and decided to find out why the pyramid is the strongest out of all the structures I tested so I did some research about it and found out that is was really steady because it had a steady base with triangles that lead to the same point, that makes it really steady.

I really enjoyed this whole process of doing this experiment and exploring different kind of structures, I learned a lot and also improved on lots of my research skills, and also my organizing skills. I really hope to explore more in science in the future!