Making of Me Reflection

I think I did good on making a video as I have no video experience at all, and have never recorded a single video. I did record it using a screen recording showing a simple google slide with photos of me while I spoke. I think I could have improved on time management. Most of my video was recorded on the day before it was due, even though I had lots of free time 4-5 days before the assignment was due. The assignment actually took way longer than I thought, due to failed recording attempts or being stuck. The most difficult part was definitely recording the video, as I said earlier, I have never done everything related to video recording. If I could do something different, I would do a live recording instead of a screen recording, and maybe add a few effects using something like Imovie. I learned that using Quicktime player, I can record very simple videos to share, I also learnt a lot about my family when I was doing the Family Tree, finally, I learned new things about myself which I never actually really thought of.