Assembly of the Bucktooth Billygoats (#BuckTooth BillyGoats)

For our 6B assembly, we hosted a Box of Hope presentation. I enjoyed wrapping boxes in class the most as it was really fun and interesting (Much better than Math). In the Forum, we had to communicate by listening to each other to make sure we do the right thing in the right time. In the class, we had to participate by communicating with each other to get all the kids to wrap a box. I learned that everything in our assembly has a function. anthems are to respect your country, Box of Hope is to help underprivileged children.  We also learned responsibility since each person was responsible for his or her or its part. We had to use action too. It makes me think how much we take for granted. although it does not have that much effect, it makes me think that i should not demand for a billion things during holidays (iPad, AirPods, an iPhone, new water bottle). It makes me think about how poor these children are and how happy they are when they see the box of hope. Even common day items we own all the time is like treasure to them. (#awesome).

Reading Groups

In my first reading groups, It was not so good. I remember how my questions use to be very straight forward and did not include much thinking. Like a question like “Why did jack do this”. now, my questions require more thinking and are not straight copies

Our discussions did not really change. Apart from the fact that we can now eat snacks, we still have fun talks and are interested to find out what other people think about our opinions.


This is a reflection my teacher taught me

It helped me a lot as if everyday I reflected. It dramatically changed how I improved my errors and my self-awarness . If i didn’t do this, I would not have understood what self-awarness is.

Robotics reflection 2

in this class, i changed the program. Now it turns more ( From 100 to 255, and 1000 .) One of the problems that I was facing was that once the robot turned right and moved forward, it would only turn a bit. This is because when the robot is facing right, turning back the other direction would just turn it a bit. It took about 500 to make it go perfectly straight. So somewhere between 750 and 1000 would probably be perfect. However, I did not set the distance it traveled far enough. so it would turn left, and then not be able to sense the black line. I did not particularly succeed as i did not have enough time, but I only need a few more tweets and changes shall make it work.

Robotics reflection

        During robotics class, we had to program ( not build ) a robot that could move along a black line. But when the robot sees an obstacle ahead, it will loop around the obstacle and continue moving, all in one program. The thing that went well was that my robot could follow the line provided that the line did not break mid way. The challenge was that every time it encountered an obstacle. When it tried to loop around it. It would sense it again, this created a chain reaction of the robot looping, then looping more, then heading straight, then going back the line it originally came. if i had to change it, I would need to make it so the robot can move more and not crash. Next time, I will still make the same program. But I will make minor changes to make it bigger an better.The flow chart helped me a little bit as it helped me understand maybe 20% more. I felt like it was engaging as it got my brain thinking how to work.