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The natural world affects us by having many sudden storms which can destroy buildings. for example, if you are building a building, you have to anticipate for wind, and typhoons which can potentially hit against your structure. Gravity also pulls things down so you should make sure your tower is not going to potentially be pulled down on the side.

We can use experiments to learn about how the real engineers outside design buildings that we can feel safe in. We can experiment with different controlled and dependent variables and see which gives better or different results. It connects us to how our real world is able to survive heavy storms and what designs are much better than other designs.

In this unit, I learnt a lot about how forces work on buildings and how we can avoid those impacts. i also did an experiment putting the function of abutments to the test and found out that they do indeed make a big impact on the total strength of the bridge.

I was able to identify problems by paying attention when something seemed unusual. Such as one bridge being able to hold significantly more weight than the other two. I solved them by looking for errors. a good common error is human error where something is placed incorrectly or something similar. I faced human error quite a few times and was able to notice it almost every time.  i conducted my research by laying each bridge over 2 tables and slowly hanging weight over time until they fall. I managed my time by preplanning what I would do the next class at the end of every class.

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