Please answer: ( No worries questions very simple just take like 2 minutes )

  1. What do u like about the logo
  2. What could I improve on the logo

See, said it was simple. Answer properly please


I think that while I could have done better, my logo was okay. I think I did extremely well on making it memorable as all comments said it was memorable. I also did good on making it simple. Some viewers said that they could see lots of effort with the brush strokes and I think that is true. I liked the the brush strokes turned out precise but some could be more accurate


I think I could improve on using a big variety of tools. I only used the brush tool and shaper tool which some said made it less appealing. If I could redo this, I would make some of my brush strokes my precise or make use of tools which I may not even have explored yet. I could also arrange my time better as most of his project was pushed towards the end of its due date

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