Ukulele Music Final You are my Sunshine

This is my audio of the Ukulele:

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How is recording the same and different compared to the original song? What were your reasons behind your decisions? *
The recording is different than the original song. The original song was very soft and very slow. I changed it to a somewhat in between soft and energetic song. Somewhat in a way like Jingle Bells. I did this to try to match the ukulele a bit more. The ukulele does not really play softly unless you really strum slowly. But I am not use to strumming slowly so I chose to change the song. I also increased the rate of the song to quite a bit faster. This is to try to match the drummer. While you are allowed to change the drummer’s speed. I don not think a slow silent drummer sounds that well as drummers are commonly associated with being energetic. In conclusion, I stepped up the beat quite a beat as I think the ukulele and drummers are more commonly associated with being energetic.
How did your music classes prepare you for this assignment? *
Our music classes gave us time to prepare for this assignment. The time in class was mostly used to practice our ukulele song. I did not have to practice strumming, but rather had to practice swapping between notes on my fingers. the hardest one to swap was the G7. It was really hard to line up two fingers in a row, but with some practice I got slightly better. In Garage band, the only think I needed to experience was the digital instrument, after some testing, I decided i liked the piano the most, the piano was also the most suitable pitch for my song, as instruments like the big bass are quite low. Singing had no real change, it was just as embarrassing. Drummer was pretty easy as you just add a track, I chose to use cymbals on parts that were end of the chorus to really give a conclusion. Overall, I think I managed my time pretty well as The last day before the assignment I was done, rather than having it all jammed on the last day

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