Science Post

The natural world affects us by having many sudden storms which can destroy buildings. for example, if you are building a building, you have to anticipate for wind, and typhoons which can potentially hit against your structure. Gravity also pulls things down so you should make sure your tower is not going to potentially be pulled down on the side.

We can use experiments to learn about how the real engineers outside design buildings that we can feel safe in. We can experiment with different controlled and dependent variables and see which gives better or different results. It connects us to how our real world is able to survive heavy storms and what designs are much better than other designs.

In this unit, I learnt a lot about how forces work on buildings and how we can avoid those impacts. i also did an experiment putting the function of abutments to the test and found out that they do indeed make a big impact on the total strength of the bridge.

I was able to identify problems by paying attention when something seemed unusual. Such as one bridge being able to hold significantly more weight than the other two. I solved them by looking for errors. a good common error is human error where something is placed incorrectly or something similar. I faced human error quite a few times and was able to notice it almost every time.  i conducted my research by laying each bridge over 2 tables and slowly hanging weight over time until they fall. I managed my time by preplanning what I would do the next class at the end of every class.

Service day reflection

  1. No activity really made an impression to me, I did learn what Urban designers do.
  2.  I learnt how many issues there actually are in our environment and what urban designers have to do to fix these issues.
  3. Designing was challenging mainly because I suck when it comes to technology. There was not a lot of risk taking experiences though
  4. No, not at all. I thought this trip was going to hit my interest but it really did not

Please answer: ( No worries questions very simple just take like 2 minutes )

  1. What do u like about the logo
  2. What could I improve on the logo

See, said it was simple. Answer properly please


I think that while I could have done better, my logo was okay. I think I did extremely well on making it memorable as all comments said it was memorable. I also did good on making it simple. Some viewers said that they could see lots of effort with the brush strokes and I think that is true. I liked the the brush strokes turned out precise but some could be more accurate


I think I could improve on using a big variety of tools. I only used the brush tool and shaper tool which some said made it less appealing. If I could redo this, I would make some of my brush strokes my precise or make use of tools which I may not even have explored yet. I could also arrange my time better as most of his project was pushed towards the end of its due date

Ukulele Music Final You are my Sunshine

This is my audio of the Ukulele:

How is recording the same and different compared to the original song? What were your reasons behind your decisions? *
The recording is different than the original song. The original song was very soft and very slow. I changed it to a somewhat in between soft and energetic song. Somewhat in a way like Jingle Bells. I did this to try to match the ukulele a bit more. The ukulele does not really play softly unless you really strum slowly. But I am not use to strumming slowly so I chose to change the song. I also increased the rate of the song to quite a bit faster. This is to try to match the drummer. While you are allowed to change the drummer’s speed. I don not think a slow silent drummer sounds that well as drummers are commonly associated with being energetic. In conclusion, I stepped up the beat quite a beat as I think the ukulele and drummers are more commonly associated with being energetic.
How did your music classes prepare you for this assignment? *
Our music classes gave us time to prepare for this assignment. The time in class was mostly used to practice our ukulele song. I did not have to practice strumming, but rather had to practice swapping between notes on my fingers. the hardest one to swap was the G7. It was really hard to line up two fingers in a row, but with some practice I got slightly better. In Garage band, the only think I needed to experience was the digital instrument, after some testing, I decided i liked the piano the most, the piano was also the most suitable pitch for my song, as instruments like the big bass are quite low. Singing had no real change, it was just as embarrassing. Drummer was pretty easy as you just add a track, I chose to use cymbals on parts that were end of the chorus to really give a conclusion. Overall, I think I managed my time pretty well as The last day before the assignment I was done, rather than having it all jammed on the last day

Making of Me Reflection

I think I did good on making a video as I have no video experience at all, and have never recorded a single video. I did record it using a screen recording showing a simple google slide with photos of me while I spoke. I think I could have improved on time management. Most of my video was recorded on the day before it was due, even though I had lots of free time 4-5 days before the assignment was due. The assignment actually took way longer than I thought, due to failed recording attempts or being stuck. The most difficult part was definitely recording the video, as I said earlier, I have never done everything related to video recording. If I could do something different, I would do a live recording instead of a screen recording, and maybe add a few effects using something like Imovie. I learned that using Quicktime player, I can record very simple videos to share, I also learnt a lot about my family when I was doing the Family Tree, finally, I learned new things about myself which I never actually really thought of.

Ukulele : Very horrible Amazing Grace

This is my assignment of :

Why did u try

The assignment missing the Melody;

I was not that dumb to let u hear me sing


Discuss your playing in regards to; timing, note accuracy, and rhythm accuracy. You MUST use music terminology:

I think my final piece was pretty good as far as timing. Both my Melody and my Strumming where pretty consistently in time. I could add a drummer in the background which would play to my melody and strumming and sound natural. While the recording was completely out of time, I was able to make it in time after some editing. However, my singing piece was not really in time since there were notes where I either did not sing in time, or I sung a note too long and had to switch through notes very quickly. I also could have improved on using the metronome as a guide while recording. I could have used it to give a general idea on when to sing, play, or strum each note. That way I would not have notes that are upwards of about 1-2 full beats away from their actual beat.

Overall, I am pretty happy with how my final piece sounded considering I have never played Amazing Grace or used GarageBand before.


Discuss your overall understanding of GarageBand and it’s processes. Note down what you learned about Garageband’s capabilities and how it impacted your song

After this project, I have grown a good understanding of GarageBand. I learnt how I could use this app to record music. Then add rummers and effects to make your piece personalised. I also learnt what you should and should not do to make your piece sound best. For example: I learnt that you should record while wearing headphones. You also must make sure your piece is in time or it will sound weird. GarageBand was really truly helpful for my song. It gave me a good platform to record and edit my song. I could easily start recording and easily adjust to meet my song. I could also easily put my piece in time and fix any mistakes I had. I also very easily added drummers and effects to make my piece my exciting. With this many features that someone like me who has never recorded a song ever could get the hang of quickly. I could say GarageBand is truly a good app for recording, and will provide a good foundation for music pieces I need to record in the future