Project Genesis Final

Explain the step by step process of this assignment… *
Firstly, we had to write a proposal to Mr. Otoole proposing our ideas. In that proposal, we had created several criteria that we wanted to achieve in our music. I wanted to create an EDM comprised of at least 4 software instruments and 4 apple loops. I said that my EDM must be 2 minutes long in the proposal. Then, I got busy searching for Apple Loops while testing out a couple of software instruments that I thought sounded cool. I decided among several Apple Loops from some of the previous students’ Sounds of CDNIS projects that I thought was cool and some random ones I stumbled across. Garageband had a section of digital instruments called “EDM” so I decided to choose several instruments from there as well as one of the drums. Then I started playing around and putting different loops and software sounds together and slowly but surely comprised a little song which actually sounded not the best compared to several others in our class but I was happy with it considering I had never composed it with GarageBand in my entire life. I went over it one more time to check for slight errors in timing, sound, etc and added a few plugins to a few of the sounds ( very little compared to Sounds of CDNIS ). the song was exported on to my desktop, put on a blog post as an Mp3 and then submitted along with this reflection.


Assess your success against your assessable criteria from your proposal… *
1st Criteria: the song must be 2 minutes long The song ended up being 1 minute and 50-ish seconds long instead of 2 minutes. To me, I feel like that is close enough as 10 seconds is only the length of 1-2 apple loops and I did not want 10 seconds of useless filler. Especially since I don’t really like songs that have the same section over and over for a very long time as it gets boring and quickly makes the audience lose interest. 2nd Criteria: The song must have at least 4 apple loops The song more than 4 Apple Loops which ranged from nice and calm to exotic and crazy. I think this was one of the easiest criteria as apple loops are really easy and convenient to use providing basic and exotic sounds. 3rd Criteria: 4 software instruments I ended up using 3 software instruments. ( 2 of them are kind of quiet ). I could not really see a place to put a 4th software instruments and I actually found using the software instruments quite difficult. I think this was the only criteria I did not really pass and should have probably learned a few more basic skills about software instruments first.


Evaluate your learning and new skills acquired. *
For this project, I did not really learn anything new since it was mostly a big combination of the previous few assignments. However, this unit, in general, I learned a lot. I learned lots of GarageBand skills with the plugins and a bit on the software instruments. I learned how to make simple music without the need of having real instruments thanks to all the digital features. I think these skills could help in the future when I need to edit a sound or a voice for future projects.


What challenges did you face and overcome? *
I think my biggest challenge was with the software instruments as it was to play them with the keyboard and especially difficult to play notes that involved pressing multiple keys at the same time. Eventually, with a few attempts, I could get something that was ok but that was still a challenge. However, after I had submitted the assignment a friend told me you can press command and it will automatically make software notes in a software track. Whether this works or not, I think his would have been good information to have known ahead of time and if it actually works then it could have possibly saved me a lot of time instead of copy and pasting and moving.

Project Genesis Research


What information are you using from this link? *
Make sure to the line up the notes using Garageband’s quantinize feature or else notes will be cut and deleted. this will also help with timing.



What information are you using from this link? *
Since my EDM will most likely not have a drummer the entire way through. I can use the software version of the drummer to be able to edit individual notes of the drummer. this also allows me to use plugins and change the timing as well.



What information are you using from this link? *
this site is important as iI will likely be using a lot of plugins so I reviewed what each of them did here. in particular I want to use some plugins that I never touched for the previous assignment like the phaser or flanger.



What information are you using from this link? *
This link gave me a general process to follow so I will likely follow the steps it said.

Project Genesis Proposal

What is the goal for your assignment? *
During this assignment, I want to create and EDM tune using digital instruments and effects. I want to be able to make the tune sound like it is something cool and totally different when the base behind it is loops and instruments that have been edited over with effects.


Why this project? *
Since I really enjoyed learning about all the sound effects and digital distortion effect in this unit. I think it makes sense to put those into a big project and possibly even further expand my learning. Also, I don’t really know a lot of songs since ( don’t get offended ) but Music is not a general interest of mine so doing things like mashups would be hard as I don’t many songs as a interest.


Outline/Process (Steps) to Achieve Goal. *
First, I will do some basic research just refining my basic editing skills and also do some revision on the effects. next, i will sample out a bunch of different instruments and sort through some apple loop until I can find some that I think work well together. Then, I will try to find some rhythms that I think sound cool and compile them together. /from that basis I will slowly build on until I have an EDM tune that I feel proud of.


What do you hope to learn? *
I just hope that I can refine all the skills in have learnt in this unit. Up to the point where I can compose a song by myself digitally. Overall, I want to walk away from music feeling happy that someone like me who has no interest and no knowledge in music for a very long time can compose a piece of music with Garageband using different digital effects and sounds cool.


What are the criteria you will use to self assess the success of your product? *
I will try to have a minimum of 4 software instruments and 5 apple loops. In addition, i will try to use as many effects as possible in a variety. ideally, if i could use all the effects but that is kind of crazy so using a majority till I fell happy about it.

Sounds of CDNIS final

Describe the process of this assignment. *
During this assignment, we had to first go record 4 sounds around our school. after we had recorded our 4 sounds we imported them into Garageband. In Garageband, we used a variety of plugins and effects to edit the sounds so they sounded completely different than their original. we made a 2-minute screencast describing what plugins we used and showed our original and altered sounds. once our music teacher Mr. Otoole knew what sounds we were using. we got busy using those sounds to try to find cool and interesting rhythms and beats. We also included at least 4 Apple Loops, 1 Drummer, and 2 Software Instruments to provide the background beats and keep the flow of the whole song. The song mainly used the school sounds and a few apple loops as the main beats, while the Drummer really added strong background beats. It was 2 minutes long and once finished with a rhythm we were satisfied with, exported on to our blog post as a low-quality MP3 so Mr. Otoole can mark it.


Discuss your CDNIS sounds and how useful they were for your end product. *
My first sound was our French teacher Ms. Perrault screaming. I chose this sound because it had high intensity and was also quite exciting. It had an obvious beat so it was easy to find rhythms out of it which could easily be heard throughout the entire song. It was also really useful for transitioning as it-slowly got quieter and quieter which built up lots of peak for sounds after it. My second sound was Mr. Loo saying ” Stop wasting my tape”. This sound was used for many of the deep, low-intensity beats in my song. Since there were 4 individual words, I could use a combination of the sounds of the words to find rhythms for the song. My third sound was a student named Cheng speaking French. This sound was also quite useful since the French had so many different sounds and syllables, most of which were not found in English. again, I also used this for all the deep-low intensity sounds ( This time Bitcrushed instead of Pitch Changed) as many of the syllables sounded quite cool and rhythmic when deep. my fourth and final sound was the Microwave beeping when you finish heating something up. This sound was useful, but it was more useful as a background beat rather than the main rhythmic beats. It was a simple yet cool sound that already had its own rhythm, so I didn’t want to waste too much of its potential. This is the only sound I did not alter a lot ( only added echo and delay ) and ended up providing cool, futuristic background noise to support the drummer, which also ended up being really useful for transitions as it gets faster and faster due to the delay effects.


Evaluate your learning and new skills acquired. *
Before I didn’t know anything about digital composition. Know, I can digitally compose a song to a minimal level. I have learned how to use a variety of plugins to make a sound completely unlike it’s original. My favorite tool so far has to be the Bitcrusher. It can turn pretty much all audio’s into deep, old retro-styled audios. The effect is audio which is both different and cool. Reverb an Echo was also really cool tools to use. They gave a kind of droning effect which sounded quite good on several of my audios ( such as the screaming ) as it made it more intense. I now sat that I can confidently compose a small little piece of music on my own. Using the vast majority of Apple loops given to us and the huge variety of plugins. You can basically make any sound you want possible. And with the digital instrument skills we learned, I am now more confident in being able to make backgrounds tunes with the instruments in addition to the drummer. This knowledge I have learnt makes me confident I can compose a nice and fun little song or rhythm.


What challenges did you face and overcome? *

The biggest challenge for me was finding Apple Loops. I had sorted through so many Apple Loops in order to find the ones I liked. While I eventually was able to find Apple Loops. It took me a lot of time. I ended up really liking the synths since most of them had high intensities and pitches. The timing was also a slight issue for some of my audios a several of them were not really in time with the loops at first. I was able to overcome most of these issues using some time outside of class to slowly sift through loops and I got the piece in time with so trimming.

Science Post

The natural world affects us by having many sudden storms which can destroy buildings. for example, if you are building a building, you have to anticipate for wind, and typhoons which can potentially hit against your structure. Gravity also pulls things down so you should make sure your tower is not going to potentially be pulled down on the side.

We can use experiments to learn about how the real engineers outside design buildings that we can feel safe in. We can experiment with different controlled and dependent variables and see which gives better or different results. It connects us to how our real world is able to survive heavy storms and what designs are much better than other designs.

In this unit, I learnt a lot about how forces work on buildings and how we can avoid those impacts. i also did an experiment putting the function of abutments to the test and found out that they do indeed make a big impact on the total strength of the bridge.

I was able to identify problems by paying attention when something seemed unusual. Such as one bridge being able to hold significantly more weight than the other two. I solved them by looking for errors. a good common error is human error where something is placed incorrectly or something similar. I faced human error quite a few times and was able to notice it almost every time.  i conducted my research by laying each bridge over 2 tables and slowly hanging weight over time until they fall. I managed my time by preplanning what I would do the next class at the end of every class.

Service day reflection

  1. No activity really made an impression to me, I did learn what Urban designers do.
  2.  I learnt how many issues there actually are in our environment and what urban designers have to do to fix these issues.
  3. Designing was challenging mainly because I suck when it comes to technology. There was not a lot of risk taking experiences though
  4. No, not at all. I thought this trip was going to hit my interest but it really did not

Please answer: ( No worries questions very simple just take like 2 minutes )

  1. What do u like about the logo
  2. What could I improve on the logo

See, said it was simple. Answer properly please


I think that while I could have done better, my logo was okay. I think I did extremely well on making it memorable as all comments said it was memorable. I also did good on making it simple. Some viewers said that they could see lots of effort with the brush strokes and I think that is true. I liked the the brush strokes turned out precise but some could be more accurate


I think I could improve on using a big variety of tools. I only used the brush tool and shaper tool which some said made it less appealing. If I could redo this, I would make some of my brush strokes my precise or make use of tools which I may not even have explored yet. I could also arrange my time better as most of his project was pushed towards the end of its due date