In class, we got pieces of paper with 1cm cubes on it and we had to cut them into the sizes on the board like 14×14 base and 1cm high. I multiplied the numbers that were given together and folded the hight.I ordered the containers from biggest to smallest by counting the capacity in each one with the 1cm cubes, ten rods, and 100 flats. 



design a restaurant

I chose this piece because I thought it was really fun and interesting to try and open up my own restaurant and designing everything, choosing the foods and it can  anything something disgusting, good it can be anything , this shows that I am creative!This also shows that i can use my problem solving skills because of many ways to solve the multiplication question.  I can thinI really enjoyed designing this restaurant because I had a lot of fun making up my disgusting foods and maybe next time I could try design a restaurant with out a  worksheet and try do it myself.