First Week Reflection

So far I think Grade 6 has been really fun and before I thought that it would be really strict and rough. Now I think that it is actually very relaxing and not that rough but I don’t know if it will be in the future. I think Grade 6 is really fun because most of my friends are in my class and I have a wonderful teacher.


In PE we are starting to learn badminton and I think it is a very enjoyable sport and I don’t think I’m that bad at it. I believe that I can improve on something in the future.


I am nervous about the exhibition because I don’t know what to do but I hope I can think of something.

End of Grade 5

Grade 5 was definitely one of my favorite Grades. There were so many interesting activities and challenges, for example, the experiments we did with static electricity. The fashion show was really fun because you could design anything u wanted and try new things. There were different things to sign up to and try new things. I can’t believe grade 5 is coming to an end!

I am very excited for next year because of exhibition!!!!!!

HTWW update

So far I think this unit HTWW is really fun and awesome because we get to do many experiments and learn about different kinds of magnets. We learned how to make electromagnets with nails and afterward, we tried to make the scissors into magnets. We used the scientific method to learn about energy transfer. We had a class experiment where we bought 3 plants and labeled it love, hate and ignore; every day we would say good things to love, bad things to hate and say nothing to ignore. This is why so far I think this unit is so fun.  

WWAPT unit reflection

Before this unit, I used to think that I already knew how to make very good and deep questions. But I was wrong and when our teacher showed us the question matrix I made better questions, and now I know how to make deep questions that you can’t just search up for example if you start a question with how might it will be better


I would change the group inquiry and give us more time because we couldn’t put too much information on the slide and get enough research but it was very fun.


Fashion Show Design

Our group’s vision on this project is to complete things in time and make it look like a galaxy, but it didn’t really look like a galaxy at the end because the colors didn’t really match and it didn’t really look like a galaxy so we kind of changed the theme to a fairy. I’m glad that we finished in time and made it look good too. I thought this project was really fun because I was able to try new things I’ve never tried before like laser cutting and spray painting. I made 20 stars with the laser cutter and spray painted gold which was really fun so they would look better. Overall I liked this project and I enjoyed working with new people I’ve never worked with before.


Learning Review reflection


During the learning review, I was very nervous and uncomfortable, I kept fidgeting and scratching my head. I agreed with most of the things but when there were some things I didn’t agree on I didn’t say anything because I was shy.


I understand why my parents and Ms.Winnie want me to work faster and talk to my friends less because that is always the problem and I agree.


I can sit somewhere not next to my friends and try my best to not get off task and daydream and end up not getting anything done and having to stay in during recess.



On Monday and Tuesday, the Young Americans came to our school to teach us dances songs and also have fun with us and I did have a lot of fun. One thing that was very important I learned was to be a risk taker and be braver because on the first day I was always hiding at the back but on the second day I started dancing and singing at the front more and stopped hiding at the back. This learning will make a difference on me because I would be more of a risk taker and take more risks and also participate.

My Smart Goals

    Hi, my name is Hin Wang and I am going to tell you some of my goals for this year

    My first smart goal is being more confident and answer more questions that the teacher asks, in the morning I would try to answer over 3 questions and whenever I know it I will try my best to answer the answer. I will try to answer 5 questions after lunch since I have more time to answer questions.

My second goal is to listen carefully to instructions because I always talk to my friends and I don’t focus. When I don’t focus I have no idea to do.

My last goal is to improve my time management so I can get things done because I never get things done. So I plan to sit next to people I won’t talk to.

Thank you for reading




Asbury Field Trip

Today my class was brought to subdivided homes by Asbury. Where we got to buy the people gifts and ask them questions about their lives. We all brought $20 so we could buy stuff for them, in my group there was Matian , Bernice, Carla and I. We decided to buy them baby wipes because the mom had a 1-year-old baby, toilet paper because everyone needs it and wafers because it’s a good snack. It was very sad because they didn’t have much space and two people had to share a very small mattress and the parents didn’t have a big bed either. Since they couldn’t afford a taxi ride they had to walk 45 mins to school and 45 mins back from school every day!

In conclusion, I think we should raise awareness like what Asbury is doing for these people.