Young Americans Reflection

I thought this experience was amazing, it was really fun and I enjoyed working together with other students and putting a musical together. The Young Americans were super supportive and I am really grateful that I got to experience something like this and I wish I could do it again.


My favorite part of the whole experience was working together with the Young Americans and other students to learn new dances and songs and performing them, this was my favorite part of the experience because it was so much fun and I enjoy working in a team

Semester 2 Writing Task

Submit your completed goal in GC and copy and paste on to your blog.


Based on the writing I have done this semester, I have shown growth in having a good hook and delivering my message well.

In Semester Two, I will focus on


I will focus on having a thesis statement and introducing my three reasons in my introduction.

PA Assignment Reflection

In PA we had an assignment where we had to make a song with the 12 bar blues and we were allowed to be in a group of four so I partnered up with Darren, Dev and Rehaan. At first, the song we made was a little inappropriate so we decided to remake it and make it about something we were worried about and we all thought of the same thing “Exhibition” at the time we were still doing our proposals so we based the on that.  After a few classes of fun and hard work we managed to finish the song and rehearse we finally managed to finish it. But the week we were going to record it unfortunately I wasn’t here so I couldn’t do it with the rest of my group. Overall I thought this assignment was really fun and challenging.

November 4th check in blog

 I am done with my proposal and I got approved. Now I am on my next steps. Which is the proposal reflection and the thank you letter to my judge.

I feel good about my topic because I’ve got resources that can help me with my research and I got approved. My judge said I am doing very well and I have a plan of what I’m going to do, she also gave me some ideas and tips.

I am a little worried about presenting my exhibition but I’m not that worried about anything else and I am confident because my judge said I’m doing well.

Smart Goals

I have two goals for this term and I hope I am able to achieve both of them by December. My first goal is to complete my work in the time I am given, so I don’t have to stay in class during recess to do it or take it home. My second goal is to try my hardest on all my work for example writing deeply. I chose these goals because I’ve always had struggles with these problems and I really think if I can achieve them they can help me a lot.

To achieve my first goal I would keep myself away from distractions for example friends and put all my attention on my work so I can get it done in time. I will know that I’ve achieved this goal when I don’t need to bring work home and get extra time to do it. 

To achieve my second goal I need to put all my attention on my work and try my best. I will know that I have achieved this goal when I’m not making as many careless mistakes and my writing is deep so people don’t need me to explain what I mean. I think a good habit is to always double-check my work so I can correct my careless mistakes. 

My first goal can help me in grade 6 by getting work done faster and move onto other things, for example when I’m researching I can quickly do it get the information I need and get onto the second part. My second goal can help me in grade 6 by not making as many mistakes and using a lot of time to edit it.

HTWW Reflection

I feel good about my understanding of matter because We’ve been studying it for a long time and we’ve done a lot of research and experiments about it. I understand the change of matter for example from liquid to solid.


I think I need to work on time management because some of our experiments didn’t work and that was because we didn’t have enough time. We didn’t gather materials in time and when we gathered the materials we needed, we did the experiment but we needed 30minutes to it but only had 15 minutes. Therefore we wasted a lot of ice.

Explanation blog

This week we did a science experiment and made a lava lamp. We got to work in partners so I decided to my good friend Darren. I thought this was really fun because I had never done this before and I didn’t know you could actually make lava lamps at home. Even though the effect of the lava lamp only lasted for a minute I still thought it was really satisfying and cool. 


For the experiment, Ms. Revermen gave us corn oil and water and told us to pour the water is in corn oil.  Then she gave us food coloring to add inside so it would look nicer. After we did that she gave us the activator that made the water and oil fizz. I kept fizzing for a minute and that’s when everyone came over and said “WAAAHHHHHH” so then everyone kept asking for the activator. It was because of the citric acid and the sodium bicarbonate mixed with the water that created carbon dioxide that caused the bubbling effect.


I found it interesting because I had no idea why it reacted that way and I was really confused. I also wondered why the effect only lasted for a minute.


This is what we did and why I found it really interesting.