Young Americans Reflection and Progress report

The young Americans were incredible. They showed a type of energy that we were forced to reflect and that was incredible. I believe it was a really good idea that Cdnis le the young Americans come to do a show with us. They’re not just amazing performers they’re but also people who can have fun with the students. I feel like everyone delivers to have the Young Americans for at least one or two days. And I can’t even explain the experience and the adrenaline you get when you’re with them.


This year for my progress report I was really proud of myself. I had improved in areas I hoped to improve in so that’s always a plus. The big one was me mentally It said I had become more open-minded to things and being able to stay positive. It was a massive¬†flaw when i was in 5th grade and it really stopped me from truly enjoying and being myself in 5th grade.

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