Performing Arts Blues Project Reflection

During our time in P.A, we learned about the blues and a variety of characters about blues. we were also challenged by the teacher to make a blues song and I’m going to write a reflection about it.

Video is Here 

I think the things we did well were our investment choice was good they all complemented each other in my opinion. Also, our lyrics were consistent and made sense as well.

Next time we should have sung a bit louder because people watching us said that they could only hear the instruments, not the singing so that’s what I think we should work on.

I would make lyrics a bit longer and added more improvisation into our music.

Some ATL I think we used was respect because we all heard each other ideas and took it into consideration. We also had a good goal-setting also trying to achieve something new.


The hardest thing was probably making the lyrics go together it was hard to make everything make sense but flow together

Overall I found this experience a difficult task to perfect but still found it enjoyable.


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