Performing Arts Blues Project Reflection

During our time in P.A, we learned about the blues and a variety of characters about blues. we were also challenged by the teacher to make a blues song and I’m going to write a reflection about it.

Video is Here 

I think the things we did well were our investment choice was good they all complemented each other in my opinion. Also, our lyrics were consistent and made sense as well.

Next time we should have sung a bit louder because people watching us said that they could only hear the instruments, not the singing so that’s what I think we should work on.

I would make lyrics a bit longer and added more improvisation into our music.

Some ATL I think we used was respect because we all heard each other ideas and took it into consideration. We also had a good goal-setting also trying to achieve something new.


The hardest thing was probably making the lyrics go together it was hard to make everything make sense but flow together

Overall I found this experience a difficult task to perfect but still found it enjoyable.


Goal 2


I want to be more positive I made a big leap but at times I’m really negative so I want to improve it 
When I feel happy and usually stay positive I will know when I am truly happy. 
I think I can achieve it by telling myself to stay calm and use deep breathing strategies. I think happiness is really important  
This can be good for my mental health  because if I can be really positive I can go through some really dark times in my life 
By the End of the year, I believe I can achieve this goal 

Math Reflection G6

I learned a lot from this math unit. I thought I was pretty good at math but I still got a lot to learn. Something I learnt was called BEDMAS it’s a concept that basically talks about how which math term goes first. It goes brackets, exponent, division, action, addition, subtraction. I also learned how to better use a calculator because its an advanced and useful tool people can use for a calculator.

Overall this math unit has taught me a lot the more advanced concept about math.

Goal setting 1

My goal is to improve my grammar and writing because of its not one of my strongest areas. When people can read my handwriting and MOST of my sentences and spelling be grammatically correct  I think by the end of the year I can achieve this goal because I’m not to good at it. It’s very relevant not just in 6th grade but in life internal these are some major skills.

I want to finish this by the End of the year

Things we Learnt in the last weeks of school

These past couple of weeks have been a lot  of things we had to do but one of the things I really enjoy is probably Novel study we are doing a really fun book called Northern Lights it has a lot of fun and interesting twists which come really unexpectedly there also big suspense and action to if you enjoy fantasy and action i would recommend this book. Anyway, we also learned some writing skills like the correct punctuation need to use when 2 characters are having a conversation. Also, we learned some new vocabulary like festooned, Taters, etc.   


Overall the Last weeks were enjoyable and fun (screw Chinese).

Individual inquiry Reflction

I found the unit quite fun being able to choose something that we are actually interested in making it a lot more fun to research. Also, the process that they showed us was unique and something I didn’t expect would work as well as it did.

The research was actually a little difficult because we didn’t really learn how to google search stuff which made it 10x harder


But overall I thought it was quite enjoyable with a variety of time periods at hand which also made it interesting seeing what people would choose!

Camp stuff

We arrived at Gilwell by bus and we were introduced to our camp instructor and or Group mates. We were also introduced to the variety of facilities that were in the Gilwell campsite, after that we played some games like Concentration and Ninja. Then we had a sandwich which was fairly solid. After eating we went hiking on the Gilwell Trail on the mountain. After the hike, we arrived back to the campsite and found our tents! I was with Ian and Enoch it was really fun talking about pokemon in our tents. An hour passed by, ( via our free time) so we had to go eat dinner we had this pork and rice thing and it wasn’t half bad. Finally, we got ready to go to bed and at 9:00 it was lights out (we stayed up till 12:00).

On the second day, we got changed and went up for breakfast we had cereal with fruits and it was pretty solid and I enjoyed my self( kinda reminds me of home). After we had a long day ahead and would not be there to the have lunch at Gilwell so we had to pack lunch ( sandwiches ). Also, We went on a bus to go to a Sai Kung which we will go kayaking. We were taught how to kayak and we went and was pretty fun learned about this cool island and we saw it and it had some cool wildlife there. BTW some got pricked by a barnacle and they were bleeding so they sought medical help which really scared. On the way back to the island I was exhausted and could barely row by boat thing and after we took a nice cool shower. It was around 5: 00 pm and we had dinner it was chicken with rice noodles and it was not that good ( the way I say trash). I and my friends went back to our tents and changed and slept.

On the last, we packed our stuff which was a big struggle but lasts ok! Then we had cereal and we had to pack hot dogs for the go because we had to do the high elements which is the definition of a nightmare! So we finally packed and said goodbye.

My favorite thing we did was for sure kayaking because it was a new experience and was generally fun.

The thing I hate was everything! (jk) actually, it was the high elements I hated them and they were unoriginal and trash.

What they could improve was the toilets because they had poop in like 5/7 so that sucked.




我常常一边听音乐一边吃东西。听音乐的时候我学得更好。我觉得我很高,可是有很多人比我更高 。我身高一百五十厘米,我体重四十公斤。 我有黑色的头发,我的眼睛是咖啡色的。

我的性格有一点外向,也有一点内向。我觉得我很自信,因为我不害怕和人们说中文。我很友好,我的朋友们也说我很友好。 这是我的 一到十。

Hello I am Jaiden, I am 10 and I am from Canada  I am in 5th grade. I have a phone and I really like to play PUBG. I play with my friends, I also play with my sister.

I have four People in my family, they are My dad, My mom,My sister and me. I like Wednesday Because there is P.E and it is my favourite subject. I have seven fish  they are 3 years old, they like me because I Feed them everyday.

I always listen to music and do my homework, when I listen to music  I learn even better . I think i am tall but a lot of people are taller then me, I am 150cm and weigh 80 pounds . I have black hair and  My eyes are brown.

My personality is a little extroverted and a little introvert. I think i am confidant because I am not scared when i speak to people. I am also friendly because all my friends say so.



5A first Thoughts

1. How much did you know about sketch noting   before we started?

I knew completely nothing about sketch noting until I tried out it was really fun i like the fact u can take a break From constantly writing.  I used this really often because it was easier to read it and it was fun looking at the picture I drew.

2.Have you changed any ideas you used to have on this sketch noting?

Yes I have I thought it was hard drawing pictures all the time but they were so simple even I could draw them!

3.What grade would you give your sketch noting  and Why?

I would give Myself a B- because my sketch noting is ok and i like my pictures.

4.What things you might want more help with?

I think I need to improve in english because i truly struggle in that area