Ukulele Recoding (Lavender’s Blue)

This is my recording:


Discuss your Ukulele song choice and the skills you acquired.

The song I chose was Lavender’s Blue. My key of tune was c, and the time signature was 4/4. The anacrusis of the song I chose was the note c. When I first played the song with the metronome I was way off. Then I asked Mr. OToole what tempo was more suitable for my song, he told me it was either 90 BPM or 80 BPM, I chose 80 BPM because it gave me time to pluck the strings properly and strum my chords on time. That meant it suited both my abilities and the song. I also found out that the second bar of each stanza only had notes that had eighth the value of a note, that means half a beat.

Discuss your overall understanding of Garageband and its processes. How has your skill at Garageband impacted your song?

I don’t think that I really understand Garageband yet. I have managed to trim my audio pieces, it took me some trial and error though, what also took me quite some time to figure out was the metronome, I didn’t understand how it worked and didn’t know how to change the tempo. When I had to start recording I forgot that I could record one stanza and copy and paste it, so I recorded the whole thing, and of course there were bad strums and good strums, so that didn’t go too well. Then I started recording everything one by one, which also costed me time. And finally I started recording stanzas one by one, and then copying and pasting it. I think that my lack of understanding of Garageband affected my song in terms of being in time.

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