My Logo

For Comments, please tell me what do you like (or not like) about my logo and why?

6 thoughts on “My Logo

  1. I like your name, and your logo is a very creative representation of your company name. The different sizes of hexagons to form the B is creative and yet visually appealing. One thing i don’t understand is that you printed the logo twice.

  2. Your logo looks really simple and the bright yellow makes this logo quite recognisable from a distance. However, I think that the logo is a bit boring because it lacks a background and it does not reflect you at all. There is also cut parts that I do not understand why is it there.

  3. Your logo is simple and unique, the yellow fits the bee design. I don’t like that many logos all use hexagons to represent bees so it is not very easy to remember which one is which. I do not see how this represent you as a designer.

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