My Ukulele Song (Amazing Grace)

The song that I chose for my Ukulele was Amazing Grace. To play the song, you need to know how to play 3 different chords they are C, F, and G7. I found most difficulty in playing the G chord because it took a long time for me to place my fingers on the right places. The song that is a hymn from Old American times that was composed by John Newton starts with an anacrusis that is G is strummed by a fingerpicking the string closest to the top of the ukulele. Then, you play the C chord for two bars consecutively and then you play F for a bar then your return to the C note. Then, you play G7 after 3 consecutive bars of playing the C chord. The skills that I acquired by playing the Ukulele during this unit were to have a better understanding of key of tune, reading notes, playing in time and rhythm accuracy. But of course, most importantly during the duration of playing the Ukulele, I further broadened and improved my skills in playing the Ukulele.
During these classes where I have been exposed to the Ukulele, I have been using Garageband to record my progress and my recordings for my Ukulele. I have been exposed to Garageband before on an I-pad before but never on a computer. Therefore, my knowledge of recording things on Garageband on a computer is very limited. My skill in using Garageband has really affected my song because if I was an expert, I would have been able to make my recording look flawless. Unfortunately, I am not an expert in Garageband so my editing skills are terrible.

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I am an 11 year old boy who lives in Hong Kong. I am passionate about music, nature, sports and chess. I live a family of 4. I am currently studying in Canadian International School. I play golf and tennis as my main sports. I do equestrian, play badminton and football for fun.

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