Service Day

So, on the sixteenth of November, our school held the Service Day initiative. I went to the E- farm to give back to my community. This E-farm located in Sai Kung is an organic farm that uses all their resources to support their farm together on the whole. A few of the activities we did were listening to some talks from the people working there, planting corn seeds and making a fire naturally.

  • What did I learn during this Service Day?

During this Service Day, I learned a lot about how this E- farm works to keep the food very organic. I learned a lot on Aquaponics, Hydroponics and Aquaculture. I also learned about what precautions the farm takes to keep the food that they produce 100% organic.

  • How did I develop a greater understanding of an issue or need as a┬áresult of my service experience?

During this Service Day, I developed a greater understanding of the need for organic food. During this Service day, I realized that a lot of food is transported from many different places in the world where preservatives must be added to preserve the food so that it is able to be sold to local markets. This farm which is organic takes incredible precautions to keep the food organic is one of the few farms left in Hong Kong which are organic with many other farms adding preservatives to all their food.

Learning about their ways of keeping the farm in shape through natural and artificial ways to me ways was very compelling. I think that although there is little action I can do about keeping food organic, I think that it is worthy for me to spread the word to support organic food and eat farmed fish. I overall think that over this whole Service day, I learned a lot about organic food and how this E- farm keeps its food organic. This was a great opportunity for me to have this service day so I would like to thank all the teachers for organizing this wonderful Service day initiative for us students.

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