End of Term and 2019 Recap

In the past semester, I did a lot of fun, hard, easy and boring things during the year.

There are still a few things I need to improve though. For example, organization, word choice, handwriting and being better at persuasive writing. I think the main things that I need to improve on is word choice and persuasive writing because there is a lot of space for improvement there. My Handwriting and organization is getting a lot better.

My achievements and what im proud of  are getting approved uring PYPX even though I wasn’t really steady with my topic. I am also starting to get better at organization. I am also proud of the football pitch I made for the art thing and the math equations I made for the pre-exhibition project. I am proud of a lot of things but I can still improve.

I enjoyed doing the science experiments in class but I didn’t enjoy writing the process, I also enjoyed doing the experiment with Nathan, even though it didn’t work, I got to drink coke. Even though I enjoyed two things the rest of the stuff was quite boring.

The goals for me at of the start of the year are handwriting, organization and reading more advanced books. I think organization and reading more advanced books are slowly improving, but I still have to improve my handwriting a lot. Thank you and bye.


PYPX Cover Reflection

I finished my cover today and I think I did quite well since I started on thursday and finished it today. Finishing this earlier really can help me because if I spend less time, I can spend time on other things as well. I think I could have spent a little bit more time on the cover though.

First, I made a rough draft and added the pictures my central idea and the other stuff. When I finished I took away the less appropriate pictures. Instead of trying to making it look appealing, I tried to make it look simple. I think I did well since everything I did was related to the topic and I was concentrated the whole time.

Overall, I did well even though I had to print around 10 times since the photos were always black and white, also adobe illustrator wasn’t cooperating sometimes.



Extra Blogpost (Learning about NGOS)

Hello, today I will be talking about the NGOs that came to our schools and talked to us, the 5 organisations were HandsOn Hong Kong, Plastic Free Seas, Impossible Meats, WWF and Kids4Kids. For each NGO I learnt a lot, When I went to plastic free seas I learnt a lot about how there is micro plastic on lots of beaches but they don’t clean it up because it is time conserving, I also learnt that they don’t recycle recyclables because it also wastes time. Then we went to impossible meat and we learnt about heme and how taking care of cows uses a lot of materials and causes global warming, and how plant based meat uses way less and how we should change our diet and eat impossible meat. We went to WWF and they told us about how different places help different animals. Then at 6E we went to learn about Kids4Kids and how they help underprivileged kids. Lastly, we went to HandsOn Hong Kong and we they talked about underprivileged people in HK and how they help other NGOS as well.

I chose this piece because it was really interesting learning about what these organisations do and how we can help.

PYPX Proposal

Hello, today I will be talking about how my PYPX proposal that I did for exhibition, So first my topic was about depression and how it has a bad effect on a lot of people, I did it because a lot of people suffer from this disease. 

I think I didn’t do so great because I wasn’t really prepared, so I didn’t expect myself to get approved, but I did which was a huge shock for me and I was very happy I got approved. 

If I could do the proposal again I think I would have to improve on a lot of things, for example, I need to think of a possible idea of a possible outcome and/or products, having a clear focus and having a variety of possible primary and secondary resources. Those are the most important things for me to change. But overall I wasn’t really prepared so I would’ve tried to build on all of the other criteria I did better on.

The whole process of the proposal was having a few topics and then choosing one, then I did some research and created a visual and filled in the sheets then I did my proposal.

My 100’s Challenge By:Semaj

Hello my name is James, today I will be presenting me and my groups 100’s challenge. Our group includes Mango, Kaz, Warren and me. First, let me explain the game, the aim of the game was to write down equations, with the answers ending up in each number from 1-100. For example 3^4-2×6=69 so we put this on the chart in the 69th box. You get 1 point for using non-whole numbers, also 1 point for division represented as a fraction, 0.5 points for correct usage of brackets, 1 point for a correctly used square root, 8 additional points for a FAIR division of work among the team members and 1 point for each exponent used. I think we did are work  fairly and it was definitely a success and we did a good amount of hard and easy questions. Some of the challenges were when i didn’t know what to do with the equation I chose a random number and broke it down, and it took forever. But other than taking a lot of time, after I understood it the task was quite simple.

Link only people from CDNIS can access: Link


Goal Setting Stuff

Hello, my name is James and these are 3 of my goals for the future, these goals are definitely achievable.

My first goal is organisation, I think I need to improve my organisation skills because I am very messy, I can probably tell have reached my goal when every piece of paper is glued in the notebook where it belongs, and when my locker and tray is tidy, that is also how I will achieve it. Being organised is very important for G6 because during exhibition it has to be organised so I know where my notes are and when people are looking, this goal will pretty much help me until I die. I think I can achieve this goal in 2 months.

My second goal is my handwriting because it is very messy and sometimes, no one knows what i’m writing because it’s to messy. I will know I have reached that goal when my handwriting is legible. I will try to achieve my goal by writing neatly on all my task/homework and will practice my handwriting at home. This is also important for exhibition because when I write stuff people have to be able to read what I wrote clearly. I think can achieve my goal by mid-January.

My last goal is reading more advanced books because most of the time I read easy books which won’t improve my word choice. I will know I have reached my goal when I consistently read advanced books. I will achieve it by reading more and more advanced books. My goal is relevant to G6 because it will help me with my word choice. This goal will take forever so I think this goal has to be achieved throughout the whole school year.

Overall I think I can achieve these goals during a time limit, hope you enjoyed, and see you next time, 再見!

Friday 20/9 Blogpost

Hello, I’m posting again because I am doing my friday blogpost because i have to share what I did for HL. I know I posted extra content (here is the  Link for HL yesterday, I also did mathletics and researching about plasma .) Anyways as I was saying I have to a reflection for my HL pieces. So I chose to do this because it was the only talk that I think I can be productive with doing these three tasks. I think for improvements I should take more time and not rush through it, in terms of effort, I think I did quite well. For now HL is going quite well for me but I think I should have better time management.

Science Project *extra content*

Hello, I am back with another blogpost and I think I am posting quite consistently, (this is extra content because I have to do this for home learning). On wednesday we did a science experiment in class with food colouring and water. We had a bottle of food colouring and 3 diffrent temperatures of water, cold, room temperature and hot. We put the same amount in each beaker and then added the food colouring. My hypothesis was that the hot water with food colouring would be the fastest to mix in, the room temperature would be average and the ice cold would be the slowest. My prediction was correct, next time (to improve) I think we should not move the thermometers around as much and make the hot water hotter and the cold water colder. Overall, I think this experiment went quite well but there was definitely some things we could improve on.


Hello, this is my 2nd post in grade 6 and today is a super unlucky day (Friday the 13th), but a few days ago we did an experiment. We made a lava lamp, we used oil, food colouring, alka seltzer tablets and water. At first, I didn’t know what would happen so it was like a surprise. First, we added the water and oil into a cup, the oil floated at the top, then we added food colouring and it mixed in. At last, we added the alka seltzer tablet and it reacted super cooly, the alka seltzer tablet made it fizz and it was like the shape of a volcano and the bubbles were going down. Overall it was a super fun experiment and it went better than expected. But when we did it a second time with our buddies, we rushed through it, we didn’t observe enough because we already knew what was going to happen.

MY FIRST POST OF GRADE 6/ Pre-Exhibition Project

Hello, if you have forgotten me because the last time I posted was 7 months ago, then my name is James. This week we did a pre-exhibition project about our passion and I decided to do math puzzles because it involved some of my passions, (solving problems, and drawing.) We shared our projects in groups, I made 4 puzzles with 3 different levels, one was super hard, one was super easy, and 2 were medium. It is super hard making the puzzles cause I have to draw the objects nicely, and when I did the super hard one, it took forever because it had so many big numbers (which made it hard to calculate) and I needed it all to make sense. In total it took me forever to complete. But I was quite satisfied with the work I did, but I think I could have done better and used card paper so it would be a little less fragile. But, overall I had a good second week.