Humanities – Reflection

In this assessment, I think my score was pretty good, I was satisfied with what I got, although I think I can still get better scores. During the revision, I did some extra exercise and read some notes and this was one of the most effective revision way I have found. But during revision time, I was eating junk food which was distracting me and I think that made me didn’t focus so I should not eat during revision time. Next, I think I should have some resting time since it is always a good idea to rest a bit during revision to relieve stress. Next time, I find that I should listen to music during revision since I am a person which can be distracted really easily and I found listening to songs make me focus more. In conclusion, I think i should be more focused next time.

Design – Reflection To Ifolio Posts

In my ifolio posts, I find both strength and weakness. My strength of all my ifolio posts are that I had organised all my posts from an order of oldest posts to the newest. I also labeled in all the subjects in the title that is related to that post so both teachers and schoolmates can visit my posts and find what they need easily.

My weakness is that I don’t have much snapshots in my ifolio posts. I also didn’t have all the things we should have been posted on in my own blog which may lead to confusion.There is also barely any feedbacks for my posts and I think I should really improve this because I would  not improve if I never get feet backs. Tags are sometimes not put on the posts also.

To improve my ifolio posts. I should get more people feedbacks since we will learn more about our strength and weakness.Tags should always be found tagged so it would be easier for people to find posts and give comments. I should also always ensure that posts are always put on when needed. Snapshots to make things clearer and understandable.