Yangshuo Experience Week Reflection

This year 2019, I went to Yangshuo. In Yangshuo, we did community service for 2 days in a school named Min An Primary School. We were told to complete three projects, volleyball court, stone wall and the stairs. I was one of the members doing the stairs. Through those two days, we made cement and building blocks in order to build the stairs. Although the process isn’t complicated but tiring. We needed to repetitively do the same job over and over again. Although it wasn’t the easiest job, I was really happy with the result after all the hard work. The first step was to do the math. Finding the area of the whole stair that would take up, then divide them into 4 as each of step would be divided evenly and nice to walk on.  Next would be making the foundation for the stairs. We chose to use small bricks and cement to make the stairs stable as well as to flatten the bumpy ground. This job was pretty easy as I just needed to move the blocks around and help to make cement. Next would be building the stairs. We needed to build those steps one by one which took a pretty long time. During this session, I was in charge of spreading cement and making cement. I didn’t do much help in moving blocks as most blocks were big and heavy and I didn’t have the strength to lift it up and move. Making cement was tiring as the cement was heavy and the transfer from the stations to our area wasn’t that close. Also we did not use the machines when making the cement. We did it all by ourselves and we needed a huge amount of cement during the building process. Therefore, the process was hard. Spreading cement wasn’t too hard, it was just like how we spread butter. We didn’t need to make it perfect and pretty as they were only used to stick the bricks together. After the building, we need to beautify the whole stairs. Therefore, we used another type of cement, in order to smoothen the surface and let students walk on it more safely. The stairs might not be the best stairs, but I am pretty happy about how successful we were at last. Through this project, we learnt how to cooperate as a group as well as to trust each other. I really hope these stairs are useful to the school. In these two days, I have gained more understanding of the true meaning of contributing to a community.