Student Advisory – Service

In year 7, I have learnt a lot. I understood a lot more about service. Being a new student,  find that we had much more service and group work to do. I enjoyed it much. I was more aware of my strength as we did a lot of reflections. I had better understanding of myself, especially the strengths. I also understood the importance to improve my weakness. I shared my strengths and weakness to my group mates in order to have better results.   I take a lot of new challenges this year as well. I learnt new skills through these challenges, and I find them very useful in my daily life. As mentioned, we had a lot work collaboration and I think I did well with most people , however, I still need to improve as I was not a very good leader when needed. I have developed international minded throughout this year, I understood a lot. Comparing to my old school, international minded was showed so much more and I think this is so important. I have developed international mindedness as I had cooperated with different people with different culture. I was very engage about service this year as well which also developed more skills and understood more about international mindedness. Lastly, school has provided us many things to help us learn about international mindedness which I find very useful. Through this year, I find myself developing a lot of skills and I hope to learn more in the following years.