Science – Oil Spill Separation Lab

Through this project, I have understood and learnt more about how to use the different techniques to produce the material I want from the mixture. This project, I believe that we are quite successful, we have separated all different substance in the mixture. Although the outcome is not the best and still have many things to improve, I think that we have completed our goal, which is to separate the substance. Next time,  I would be more cautious and precise in order to create a better outcome. The planning should be improved as we basically followed the plan and separated all the substance. Through making better planning, I believe that I would be better next time as well as have a better product. Overall, I think our group did well, but there is still room for improvement.

Flow Chart


Science – Unit 1 – Reflection


Pendulum, Elastic, Flying Objects

During this unit, I learnt how to write a science report. We learnt to be credible and make trustworthy, good lab reports. We were told to do multiple trials for reliable data. Therefore I did 3 trials for each variable. Data was made in different ways in order to let people to have easier understanding. In the data processing I put graphs to show the the trend line of the whole experiment. Throughout the whole unit I was told to look at the rubric and follow them, so I followed them and tried my best to put them in my reports. At last, I asked my friends for feedback to improve my lab report and to double check for some mistakes. Overall, I think I did a good job in this unit, I have tried my best and the turned out better than my expectation which makes me proud of my hard work.