Music – Project Genesis – Final Product and Reflection

Project Genesis – Criteria Di – Reflection

Explain the step by step process of this assignment… *
In this genesis project, I creates a mashup.The first step was to choose different songs, which were speechless, when I was your man, always remember us this way, and circles. I chose these songs as I believe they would go well together. Next, I need to find the music sheets and lyrics for all the songs, allowing me to find the most appropriate melody to mash the songs. After all the preparation, we will start creating the product. I would play the main melody of different songs from the keyboard, which can make things easier later with the chords and harmony. After creating the chords and harmony, I tried to use different variety of instruments to make the music different and less boring. The next step would be adjusting the volume of the different instruments. This is the basic steps of creating this mashup.
Assess your success against your assessable criteria from your proposal… *
My criteria for this project are the length of the music created has to be longer than 1.30 mins, use of variety music, and use of different instruments. In this mashup, I successfully fulfilled two of them, with a 2.30 min mashup as well as a large variety of music. I tried using different genres of music but I find it challenging due to the limited time and skills. However, I tried my very best to use more instruments, including the more commonly and distinctive ones, such as piano, strings, organ, marimba, etc.
Evaluate your learning and new skills acquired. *
In this project, I learnt many new skills including the use of harmony. I always tried to making harmonies to make the music more interesting and richer, however, they always sound weird, leading me to delete them. However, after multiple of trials and learning, I successful acquired this skill. This mashup also helped me learn how to do a mashup, how to make it sound nice and be on time. One of the hardest thing I think in the mashup is the transitions, after learning from different videos, and experimenting, I was able to make the music sound more natural and one.
What challenges did you face and overcome. *
In this project, one of the biggest challenge was to include my vocal parts. Since I am not great at singing, it made the process more difficult. The matching between my singing as well as the music significantly increased the difficulty. I overcome it by changing my plan from my vocal parts, to including an instrument as the melody instead. Another challenge in this project is the timing. Timing is very important in music, and I had tried my very best to make it as accurate as possible. Although, the most of the music are on time, there are still some parts which are a little off timing. The drum and the melody was one of the biggest challenge in terms of timing. I tried using many ways to make it on time, however, it didn’t seem to work. Therefore, I re-recorded my melody to make sure the timing is as accurate as possible.

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