Final Art Showcase

In this project, Stars Don’t Die, we tried to show how dreams die in Hong Kong Teenagers. The three models are split into halves to represent the inner and outer self of the teenagers. The first one is “dreams become nightmares” In that model, the girl is wearing a uniform and a broken shirt to represent how the dreams are broken into pieces and become a nightmare. For the mask, it is trying to represent the fear in the girl. The second model is tied up with strings, to represent that the teenager still has dreams but she can’t succeed because parents and friends don’t support her. this mask represents the anger in the girls that she cannot succeed her dreams. The last models tell the audience that the teenager never had dreams because of all the stress and pressure given by others. As for this mask, it represents the sadness of the girl without any dreams. This further explains the poems Stars Don’t Die that is written by Pearlie. In her poem, she explains that teenagers dreams cannot succeed and slowly dies. We also made a video for this project to demonstrate how dreams die which can give a clearer idea of “Stars Don’t Die”.

Link to the photos of our model

Link  to video

Link to Poem

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