English/Arts IDU Crit C and D Reflection

English/Arts IDU Crit C and D  Reflection






Tiffany Yaury

How well did you communicate your experience as a Hong Konger? *
I believe our group did a good job communicating our Hong Kong experience. In our project, we showed how Hong Kong Teenagers are full of stress and their dreams are buried in a fast paced and never ending Hong Kong. They were forced to put all their attention on their grades, instead of talents they enjoy and have. We used the poem “Stars Don’t Die” to elaborate and further explain our topic of this project. We also used the video to demonstrate different ways of dreams being buried on Hong Kong teenagers.

How would you describe your personal success as an interdisciplinary learner? *
We successfully blend in the different subjects into our project, including, fine arts, drama, music and English. We used elements of art to create the models and masks we made to show the topic “stars don’t die”. In our video, we used drama skills as well as music. The drama is used to show how different dreams are being buried. Music is used to give a better tone and let the audience “go into” our topic, so they can feel the emotions during the video. The poetry unit is written in our English Poetry unit. We used different skills and techniques in our poetry to let the reader understand the emotions developed in the poem.

How would you describe benefits of the interdisciplinary unit with specific examples. *
Using different elements benefits us in our project as we can further elaborate on our idea, “Stars Don’t Die” and also to do a better job in demonstrating the big idea we are trying to present. As an example, the models and masks were used to demonstrate the broken dreams and buried dreams. We also had a chance to have a deeper understanding as well as a better reflection on our poem. We can explore more on the poem and present our poem to another in a different way and method. It can also help us more in learning to bond different skills and techniques learnt in class together to make a project as our project is a combination of arts and English. During our class, we also had to learn to cooperate with each other. We have to give understanding and appreciation to groupmates in what they have done and worked hard for.

What were the limitations of the interdisciplinary unit? Give specific examples… *
In this unit, we had a limited amount of time and materials for our project. We only had a few classes to complete the project and needed extra time for doing the project. We also have limited amount of materials, therefore, we had to include a lot of consideration when we were making our product. We also only had a choice to include english and arts into this project, therefore, we are very limited when we tried to out different subjects into it. There were many restriction which can’t let us elaborate more when completing this project.

Grade yourself using the IDU Specifications. Easy if you have followed the above instructions!

Communication of the interdisciplinary theme.
Personal success as a interdisciplinary learner.
Benefits of the interdisciplinary unit with specific examples.
Limitations of the interdisciplinary unit with specific examples.

Self assess using the Crit. C rubric (question 1) * 6

Self assess using the Crit. D rubric (Question 2-4) * 6


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