Music – Write a Song – Reflection

Explain the step by step process of this assignment…*
First, I chose A┬ádesired musical presentation – Write a song. Later, I composed the melody which sounded nice. Then, then I played the chords for the melody. Next, I inserted apple loops and drum into the music and melody. Next, I made up the lyrics matching with the melody and sang the song. Last, I did final touches, such as sound and transitions.


Assess your success against your must haves and desirable qualities from your proposal… *
My composition overall covered most must-haves and desirable points. For the must-have, I build a melody as it plays a very important role for songwriting. I also made lyrics for my song which matches the style of the melody. However, I didn’t add instruments into the song, due to the limited time and inconvenience. Therefore, as a replacement for the instruments, I chose midi instruments that I get to choose on GarageBand. As GarageBand has a variety of instruments as well as a simple format of playing, it allows me to include as many instruments I wanted. As for instruments, I might not have enough choices to do as I might not play the music I want to use for my song as well as time-consuming when needed to learn new or practise a new song. Therefore, as a better and convenient choice, I chose midi instruments. For my desired qualities, I added quite a wide range of instruments compared to the previous projects I did. I added three different kinds of midi instrument, including piano, saxophone and guitar. I also added double chords to make the song has more dimension and less plain. As for the innovative part, I added drumming beats. Overall, I did complete quite a lot must have the desired quality. therefore, I am quite impressed with my song.


Evaluate your learning and new skills acquired. *
This project has taught me a lot of learning and new skills. Composing a melody was a new thing for me, and I worked hard for that as I know that the melody was a main and key feature for songwriting. Also, I needed to learn more about drums in GarageBand. I watched youtube links the teacher gave us and learned more about it. Last was lyrics, lyrics wasn’t a hard thing but finding inspiration was very hard. I struggled when making lyrics especially making the first few lines, but it was later easier.


What challenges did you face and overcome. *
This project has quite a lot of challenges as this whole thing was quite a new thing for me. One main struggle was composing the melody. I had no idea, the style of music as well as how to compose it. However, after finding help from more experienced people, I understood more about making lyrics, under some help from them, I made up a song that I am pretty impressed with. Next, I also had some trouble making lyric that matches it with the theme for my melody, however, I went on the web and searched for some ideas and inspiration for the lyrics.

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