Music – Sound of CDNIS

Describe the process of this assignment. *
During the unit, I learnt more about Garageband. The Terminology Doc¬†improved my understanding of the use of the plugins. Also the assignments we had done also helped me explore more about them. Through this assignment, I learnt the use of those plugins and the effects on them. With many practise of using Garageband of different requirements included, such as, plugins, loops, midi track, it further helps me understand the use of Garageband. For the last assignment we did, we needed to use different equipment and sounds from CDNIS, including teacher’s sound. For me, I used the doors, plant, basketball and a teacher voice to represent the sound of CDNIS. After recording the sounds, we needed to use different plugins to change the sound and combine it with the other tracks.


Discuss your CDNIS sounds and how useful they were for your end product. *
It was a requirement to make 3 more extra sounds and one teacher speaking. I added basketball bouncing off the floor, shaking the plant, knocking the door and Ms Adair speaking. As we had to add plugins to all those recordings, I use the terminology as reference and find a sound I want to use. The sound of CDNIS helped me a lot in the transitions and blending in the different tracks. At first, after adding plugins to the sounds of CDNIS, I don’t find it useful to my track is my track has many Chinese elements which does not fit with the sounds of music I had. However, when I started to combine the music, I found the sound of CDNIS very useful for using transitions and to blend things in.


Evaluate your learning and new skills acquired. *
I learnt about the use of plugins, midi tracks and plugins during this unit. Plugins was a big component in this unit and I believe I finally take hold of the use of them. I understand the use of it as well as the effect and changes after adding the plugins. Different plugins presents a different type of change. Through combining different kind of plugins to make a new track. It might be hard at first as I am still not familiar with Garageband, however, after using it for a longer time, it helps me to extend my composition. Next would be using loops. Apple loops helped my a lot with my song, as there are a variety of different instruments with all different kinds of simple melody. Combining them with my own melody, makes the piece flowing well. Last would be using midi tracks. Midi tracks was important in most of my pieces. Using them can make the melody of the piece using all different kinds of instrument from violin to chinese instrument which had helped me a lot in the final assessment


What challenges did you face and overcome? * 
Through this unit, I find time management a challenge. Time was very tight for most of the assignment, with only one week or less to finish them. Therefore, I made a plan for each assignment, to ensure that I would finish the assignment on time. I also find using the keyboard on Garageband hard. I tried to play some notes on the keyboard but it didn’t come out what I expected. To solve this problem, I practised a lot with the fingering on the keyboard, and correct it manually after recording.

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