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Service as Action iFolio Post

  1. Become more aware of your own strengths and areas for growth

    After experiencing my service as action, I realised that I excelled in working in groups, and that I am focused and determined when working. However, I found out that my communication skills have lots of room to improve, especially when it comes to strangers. In grade 10, I greatly improved my communication skills by participating in a lot more voluntary activities such as Kids4Kids.

  2. Undertake challenges that develop new skills

    This service as action had a few challenges, such as working with strangers and being assigned to different departments every time I go volunteer. Although these challenges were tough, I gained new skills like heavy lifting and assembling electrical appliances, and I have been able to improve on my communication skills. I also developed communication skills with children through volunteering with Kids4Kids.

  3. Discuss, evaluate and plan student-initiated activities

    I have decided to suggest ideas to USSC to organize house activities related to volunteering and poverty, and allowing the whole Upper School experience poverty and understand the suffering of the poor. Furthermore, being a part of Kids4Kids and Orbis, I contributed in planning a lot of student-initiated activities such as the Orbis Blind Date and Kids4Kids English lessons.

  4. Persevere in action

    Crossroads, my service as action site, is located very far away from my home, and I would have to persevere long transportation durations in order to regularly go volunteer. It would also be tough if I am assigned tasks such as moving boxes, as I would have to be lifting boxes after boxes under the sun for 3 straight hours. I would have to show perseverance and remind myself that this is all for a greater good.

  5. Work collaboratively with others

    I am currently volunteering with a partner, but I would also be able to work collaboratively with other volunteers, as the tasks that would be assigned are meant to be completed in groups. I also showed that I work collaboratively by participating in group activities such as teaching English to children in Kids4Kids.

  6. Develop international-mindedness through global engagement, multilingualism and intercultural understanding

    I have developed international-mindedness through my service as action. Donations at Crossroads are shipped worldwide, and a lot of times they will be shipped to countries that are suffering from war. I have learnt that we have to be careful when sorting out goods because for example, if we send a toy gun to a country that is in war, the children would suffer from trauma when they come into contact with something that represents a gun.

  7. Consider the ethical implications of your actions.

    The ethical implications of my service as action is that we have to be careful of what we donate, even though it is from sincerity and kindness. Charities such as Crossroads changes lives with the donations they send to other countries, but if we make a mistake, it can also changes lives, but in a bad way. Being a part of Kids4Kids helps children who are underprivileged and have poor English backgrounds improve on their English while having fun at the same time.


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