What are some cultural consideration people make when designing the products?

The design on the acrylic is based on Chinese cultural background. Since I am Chinese, I understand the cultural pretty well so I demonstrated my knowledge when designing the products.

How does the design of a product communicate traditions and values?

The design of the product communicated transitions and value by possessing Chinese cultural factors such as Chinese characters and vectors of blessing representations. The lantern is a traditional culture that people used to signify their safety and would be gifted to newlyweds or couples without children to pass on the blessings. We added Chinese character since ancient Chinese write plays on riddle on the lantern.

Are hand made product an effective way of minimizing environmental impacts? why and why not?

Hand made products is an effective way of minimizing environmental impacts. It is environmentally friendly since it is created without using chemical elements.


Here is a summary of the limitations of my final product and what we can to for further improvement. First, according to the survey responses, 3 out of 10 people thinks that our background music is too loud so that they couldn’t hear the narration clearly. The background music should be accompanied by the narration instead of being really outstanding. We should make sure that we adjust the narration louder and the background music lower and listen for a few times before we export our video. Secondly, 3 out of 10 people thinks that our narration spends too long describing what we see in the photo instead of introducing CCC detailly. We mainly focused on the pictures and introduce CCC itself in a perspective of its structure. We mentioned how it connected to Chinese background but we could explain them more. In addition, our storyline can be showed clearer instead of just using a walking sound effect to represent a character who came to CCC. Next, one of them thinks that we could use more pictures from a different perspective and keep changing throughout the video. Instead of just using the same photo for a long time which is a little bit boring to watch. After watching other group’s slideshow, I found out this problem too which is our digital slideshow is too boring that with only 8 pictures but a lot of talking. We could add more pictures and interesting transitions so that the digital story can be more comprehensive and fun to watch. In addition, the transitions between images only last for seconds so that it isn’t really noticeable. At last, we could use more background music when pictures changed so that it won’t be too repetitive. Overall, I think we did a good job.


I think the original goal behind our product is to communicate our personally valuable aspect of CDNIS and how it connects to my personal CDNIS experience through the use of technology which is developing a digital narrative slideshow. The product should be appropriate to the intended audience who are new families joining CDNIS and also existing community. My product has addressed to the design challenge by applying practical and creative thinking skills to solve design problem which is providing a short explanation to a place, aspect also elements and how it affects CDNIS. Also, considering the responsibilities when making decisions such as choosing our topic. The final product impacts me and my groupmate to understand more about CCC and how CDNIS is a diverse school that combines different culture and respect them. Also, we learned more ancient Chinese elements that are shown in CCC which we could understand further about our culture. The final product communicated quite well to my audiences. According to the survey, 5 out of 10 people grade our project as a first viewer 7-8, which represent that our narrative slideshow can be communicating successfully about CCC and the background, the culture behind it. However, as I mentioned in T2 before, our narration still have space to improve and communicate straightforwardly to the intended audience. In order to communicate better our chosen topic to the intended audience, we could delete parts that are obvious and not important to acknowledge. Replacing them by the history of CCC and how it works in school days. Also, we could give some reminders such as lower school Chinese teacher’s office is located in CCC, not for upper school. Therefore we could achieve our goal of the product.


After working on my clock design in Illustrator, I used the laser cutter to print my final product. For the conclusion of this unit, I would like to reflect on things that I would do better next time to design a clock. Firstly, I would like to change the materials of my clock. The material now of my clock is black acrylic which is really dark so the pattern and numbers can’t clearly show. If you stand far away from it, all you can see is a simple black clock.Clear acrylic or wood would be better for the design of my clock as it can show clearly. The second thing is that I would do my process journal better and with more detailed next time. I finished my clock design file in Illustrator in a short time base on my drawing draft so I only had a few screenshots. The progess was not really clear and I didn’t ask feedbacks during making the clock. I would ask my friends or the teacher to look over and give some suggestions next time. However, I think my description was detailed enough to show the progress.

Overall, I am quite impressed with my laser cutting clock but I will improve the two things above if I do it next time.




We started learning laser cutting design for a few months already. Here are a few things that I learned from the mini-project: key fob.To make an appropriate design for the key fob, we are using Illustrator. The first thing is to remember to check the size of the paper so the design you made will be in the right size. The second thing is that we must use the line or shape tools instead of the brush tool because the laser cutter won’t work if you use it. The third thing is to change the stroke into 0.1 for every line, text or icon. Next, if your design included text or icon, you need to expand it into an object. Before that, you can also change the font and the size. Then, the colour is an important thing that people usually get it wrong. We must use RGB colour for laser cutting and different colours can represent different ways of cutting. Red and blue are for stroke; blach and cyan are for fill. We need to be clear about when to use fill or stroke for different part in our design. Also, a thing to notice is that white doesn’t mean none. At last, we should check over our design and save the document as 7D_firstname_lastname_yourproduct.ai.

My strength of my ifolio is that I categorize my posts and organized my MYP Menu with subject listings and content posts below so it is easier for people to find posts. If someone wants to look for posts that is related to a subject, they can find it from the MYP Menu and click the subject that they are finding so posts that is related would show below. Also, the welcome post is sticky noted so that it is always in the top of my blog. My posts for design included appropriate media or snapshots that provide evidence of learning with accompanying explanations. For example, the snapshot of my coding app and the media of the VR promo video. Also, my post included design elements that adhere to Design Principles covered in MYP Design.CARP, Logo, Colour, Typography, Shape, 5 Principles (Simple, Appropriate, Timeless, Memorable, Versatile) My weaknesses of my ifolio is that I didn’t Tag Cloud with subject tags. Also, there is not many feedbacks on my posts.

To improve my weaknesses, I should tag Cloud with subject tags to make people easier to find my posts. To get more feedbacks, I could ask my friends and teachers to look at my posts and give me more feedbacks that I can improve my posts.

In the past few weeks, we learnt coding and made three different apps. I think the best app that we made is the third one. This app is a game to find object on the world map. When you find the object , you click it and under the world map will appear a line which is ” You’ve found the hamster”. This app is more complicate than the other two because we need to put the image into the coding and change the button to a photo. Although I need to spend more time on it, I still found that it was fun to make this.

Design VR promo video-reflection

I think I create a successful VR promo video. First, I can combine nature and city together smoothly just like what Yoyo and Emma said. Second, according to Minin ’s feedback I can encourage people to protect the environment . Then, according to Emma and Veronica ’s feedback, I choose the perfect audio which can show the differences between city and nature. Last, I think I design a good logo which can represent me and include many meanings. Overall, I think I create a successful VR promo video.

To improve my video, I asked my friends for their feedbacks. According to Tiffany and Veronica ’s feedback, next time I should be more careful on my spelling to make sure there isn’t mistake. According to Minin and Nicole ’s feedback, I could choose a shorter slogan so there is enough time for people to read. According to Emma ‘s feedback, I could use different font to represent different background. Overall, I will try my best to improve my video.