Reflection For Science

One thing I learned from the science unit, ‘Ecosystems’ was that the keystone species of an exosystem is everything. I learned what a keystone animal is and how it affects every other animal around it. I also learned what the tropic cascade is. One thing that sparked my interest was how much we as humans are affecting these ecosystems and how big of a role we play. I found it interesting on how we can destroy, or fix the environment, its up to us. I would like to explore questions on the anatomy of animals

Design Award Speech

I am honored to be given this award ! there can be a hundred people in the room 99 don’t believe in you… and you just need one, and I had mems.. ( Please watch this. I beg of you )

So ya boi thanks a lot again i totally deserve the award I gave to myself and for myself cause I am so cool and everybody loves meeeeeee. Jkjk i have no friends lol. Btw please don’t grade me on this lmao.




Dear all, I am so grateful that you have presented me with this award. It means a great deal to be presented with such an honorable thing. I have so many people to thank for all of this. Me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, and finally me. I am amazing and y’all are just jelly 🙂


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Structures and Forces

How do we use scientific thinking to learn about the interaction between the natural world and us?

To learn more about the natural world and ourselves, we need to use scientific thinking. There are many ways we could use scientific thinking to learn and discover more about the natural world and us as well. We can do things like use experiments to test different types of buildings and how that building can withstand things that the natural world throws at us, for example, a typhoon, or a tsunami. We can also test the different natural disasters that the natural world has to make sure our designs and our products are safe, for example, a waterproof phone…. the interaction between the natural world (rain/thunderstorm) and us the phone.

How did you use science?

In this unit, we did a lot of research and experiments and that helped us develop our knowledge of structures and forces. We had to research things like how does this certain factor effect this factor, we also had to do many experiments on how if we change this factor how would this other factor react? Or what would happen? We learned many things over what gravity is and how it affects your structure to how to strengthing your structures ( eg different types of beams ). Also, learn how the different types of materials can greatly affect the durability of your structure.

How did you improve as a learner?

I can improve myself as a learner in many ways, I, one could improve greatly on working better in a group, with people I DONT know. I could have also been a bit more productive with my research, I could have gone to good educational websites instead of looking at websites just on google, it will save me a lot of time and my research will be more kid-friendly and valid. I do think I managed my time well because I did get all of my research and data done and not time, I also did some at home. I also finished my report and I even had time to spare.

Reflection on the Giver Unit

  1. We should conform to the wishes of others when you feel there wishes and morals are ethically correct or at least in a good place.
  2.  The Giver altered my mind and my outlook on society in many ways. It taught me that sometimes you have to break the rules to do something that you think is right, you should never doubt yourself and you should trust yourself.
  3. I could develop on my PEE paragraph in several ways, One, I could use better language, I could enhance my language use to have a deeper and more profound piece of work.

Uke Assesment: Freight Train

Here is my assessment


How is recording the same and different compared to the original song? What were your reasons behind your decisions?

In my opinion the recording I did of ‘Up On The House Top’ was a lot better than the ‘Original Song’ I feel like in the old recording, I did spend a lot of time refining and tweaking the original audio until I got it right, the reason for this is that the old one had fewer components and fewer elements to it, whereas the one we are doing now, has a lot more components that take more time and effort, all in all, its harder. In the old uke audio, the only thing we had to include was voice, drumming and the uke. But in this one, we also had to include another electronic instrument. For my old audio, it was all cut and clean from start to finish, but for my new one, the start, starts and ends messy but everything else is perfectly on beat.
There was much difference between my recording and the original song, and my recording was a lot slower, The beat was very even compared to the original were as the beat was more scattered. For example, my song was more like
“freight Train I Freight Train I Rolling So Fast I
but the original song was more like
Freight TrainI FreightTrain I Rolling soFast I
My song also sounded less ‘country like’ the original song was very country like and it had banjoes and it reminded me of an old wild west, but mine is more modern, with its slow beat and its very clean cut. It also has a piano which kind of ruins the vibe, but it still sounds good. The reason I did the piano was that its an easier instrument to play and distinguish. The thing about the piano was that I could not get all of the keys to match the uke, so it sounded a little bit off. I also felt like the drummer ruined the vibe because it did not match the style of the song and it did not match the piano easier, all in all, I think I could have made my work a lot better.

How did your music classes prepare you for this assignment? 

Mr. O’toole helped us a lot in the process of helping us make the best song possible. He spent a long time teaching us the best ways to do different things. He showed us how to change the beat of your song, if you played your song and you were not on the beat, then he showed us a way to edit it. He also showed us how to use the drummer tool and how to edit it. He also gave us a lot of time to prepare, he gave us a lot of trust and responsibility and let us decide for our selves how to use our time wisely. I feel like next time, he could have taught us more about the actual uke and how to use the strumming patterns and the basics, this would have helped a lot of the newer people and not waste too much of their time. I also think that while giving us independence is a good thing, too much of it is bad, a lot of people were not as on task as they could have been. I also think he could have given us some videos or even taught us about different tricks on how to use the electronic instruments, I didn’t know how to use them before I ASKED. He could have also handed out a sheet full of different strum patterns that we could have used with our song.

Music Reflection

Discuss your playing in regards to; timing, note accuracy, rhythm accuracy. You MUST use correct musical terminology. *

Your answer

     For the first part of my musical assessment we had to perform a ukelele song, I choose up on the housetop and performed it with 2 other people ( Saskia and Lilly).  I think we did pretty well, we sang okay together and our strumming was on time even without the metronome. We could have improved it by adding the melody because then we would have all three of the aspects. Maybe I could have sung a little softer because my voice ( as horrible as it is ) was a bit overpowering and you could hear the strumming pattern ( DDUD ) too well. We followed the right beat but at some point, we hesitated and we had to re-group. The good thing about that was that we just kept on going and we didn’t stop so the rest of the people in our class that didn’t know the song didn’t really notice. If I had to rate my accuracy it would be at 89%.

     For my recording, my accuracy rate would be 90%. I feel like because I had the knowledge of auto-tuning my voice, I was able to increase my accuracy rate so that everything was on time. I also made sure my metronome was loud enough so that I could hear it, but nobody else who listens to the recording can. My strumming was very accurate because you can do many trial and error tries and also you can correct the beats you missed.

Discuss your overall understanding of Garageband and it’s processed. Note down what you learned about Garageband’s capabilities and how this impacted your song

  Knowing how Garage band workes is vital to my assessment and that knowledge helped me a lot. Before I knew how to edit my music, It would have been out of time, pitchy and overall a slob. But by know how to change my voice, I could change it so it would be on the beat and in time. I also really thought knowing how the metronome worked was very useful. It helped me know the times and the correct beats so I was on time and very crisp. The next thing that I found very useful was the drummer. The drummer was super useful because all you have to do was click on the style of drum and then garage band will do the rest. they will make sure that the drummer is on time and you can even adjust the simplicity of it, the loudness and the complexity. this is super useful for if you want a slower softer piece/ song or a stronger and a louder song. But the most useful thing was how to edit your beats. This capability let you drag and drop the part of your song ( if it was out of time ) to the correct beat, making everything practically perfect.  This feature could help people who don’t have the best musical ear.

The Impossible Task

For this exciting week of design, we had to make a paper cup with no adhesives. We also had to use the design cycle.  The first part of the design cycle was, inquiring and analyzing. For this, we had to analyze what we could, and could not do. Then, I had to develop ideas, for this I made a detailed brainstorm on some ideas that I could test and try.  The next step was to was to create the solution, for this, I tested all of my ideas and tried to see if they worked, if they didn’t I would go back and see what I could improve on and what I did well. I also tried to incorporate a design aspect, so for that, I made a straw and a cap. Plus, I drew on the actual cup. The final step was to evaluate, I took a step back and thought on what I could improve on, then I repeated all of these steps for the second draft.

LLY School Visit 🐙

Today we went and visited one of the local schools in HK that our boxes of hope went too. The school that we visited was on the outskirts of HK. You could actually see Shenzhen and some of the buildings there! It was an amazing experience, we meet new people and for most of us, it was the first time seeing the other side of HK. We played some teamwork games including the name game, marshmallow tower and cup stacking. The main event was when the students showed us around the school like an official ‘ School Tour’. Our tour guide, Betty brought us to different stations and all those stations told us something special about the school. My favorite one had to be the one where we went to the pond and the boy told us o\about the fishes in the pond. He gave us the chance to catch the fish studied them and then return them.
But oh no, that wasn’t enough for me right, I just had to step into the pond and get my shoes all drenched and muddy right? Well after I got my shoes clean and dried off we took a garden photo with them and then we headed off back to school.
Probably my favorite part of there school was their garden. It was absolutely beautiful! There were 3 Huge gardens and they were distinctly different. The first one was called the Eco pond Garden, It was the garden with the pond and many water plants. The second one was the herb garden, This one was filled with herbs and scents. The last one was the butterfly garden and this one attract butterflies because it was filled with flowers!
Overall I had the best time with the students of LLY!