Structures and Forces

How do we use scientific thinking to learn about the interaction between the natural world and us?

To learn more about the natural world and ourselves, we need to use scientific thinking. There are many ways we could use scientific thinking to learn and discover more about the natural world and us as well. We can do things like use experiments to test different types of buildings and how that building can withstand things that the natural world throws at us, for example, a typhoon, or a tsunami. We can also test the different natural disasters that the natural world has to make sure our designs and our products are safe, for example, a waterproof phone…. the interaction between the natural world (rain/thunderstorm) and us the phone.

How did you use science?

In this unit, we did a lot of research and experiments and that helped us develop our knowledge of structures and forces. We had to research things like how does this certain factor effect this factor, we also had to do many experiments on how if we change this factor how would this other factor react? Or what would happen? We learned many things over what gravity is and how it affects your structure to how to strengthing your structures ( eg different types of beams ). Also, learn how the different types of materials can greatly affect the durability of your structure.

How did you improve as a learner?

I can improve myself as a learner in many ways, I, one could improve greatly on working better in a group, with people I DONT know. I could have also been a bit more productive with my research, I could have gone to good educational websites instead of looking at websites just on google, it will save me a lot of time and my research will be more kid-friendly and valid. I do think I managed my time well because I did get all of my research and data done and not time, I also did some at home. I also finished my report and I even had time to spare.