Unité 1: Parlez-vus français?

For my first French unit, we learned the basics of French, how to introduce and talk about yourself to others.

How can I use my knowledge of English to learn French?

Science English and French have basically the same alphabet, its easy to try and say it out loud. There are also many words that are similar, so you can guess the word by the sound. Also, most europian languages are based on phonemes, so it’s easy to try and sound it out.

How do I introduce myself in French?

First, I would say  I speak French or if you speak French: Oui! Je parle le francais.

Second, I would tell him/her my name: Je m’appelle Eva

Third, I would say my nationality: Je suis, hongkongaise

Forth, I would say my age : J’ai douze

and birthday:  C’et le quatorze février. And much much more.

Languages are linked to one another in many different ways, they can be linked through a structure, sound, grammar, and pronunciation. But different languages in different regions have different similarities.

Does learning a new language make my mother tongue stronger?

Possibly, if your mother tongue relates to the language your learning then yes, for example, if my mother tongue is English and I am learning French, they are related so french could strengthen my mother tongue’s grammar and structures, but if my mother tongue is English and the language that I am learning is Chinese then it wouldn’t improve my English because they are two totally different languages.

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